Escaping the Death Star using Dice

[[image:deathstargame01.jpg:They’re just posing for a photo:left:0]]Once upon a time, Sila brought back with her a Star Wars: Escape the Death Star Action Figure Game, which is actually a board game with two sets of rules (an easy and an advanced rule) as well as two Hasbro action figures, a Luke Skywalker in stormtrooper disguise with removable helmet and lightsaber, and […]

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Birthday boy in jammies

Six Years Old Today

It’s September 21st again and once more it’s time for Irfan’s birthday. Wearing his Iron Man t-shirt a gift from Ayah Cik, he greeted the arrival of his cousin Aiman (as well as Aiman’s parents) with whom he immediately shared his cache of toys. Aiman was overwhelmed by the amount of Hot Wheels collected by Irfan over the years, which […]

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Steampunk Star Wars

Via Boing Boing, I came across Sillof’s Workshop that displays awesome custom made figures… of classic Star Wars characters in steampunk forms. Unbelievably awesome and of fantastic quality. I wish they were selling this en masse in the stores. Also, I can see an awesome alternate-universe Star Wars RPG campaign running based on these figures with Rebels and Imperials and […]

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My Debut as a G.I. Joe

[[image:monsoon.jpg:Lookit! Grenades!:left:0]]Shane, who’s made some great dioramas at Joe Dios, has unveiled his latest custom G.I. Joe figure, a jungle trooper codenamed Monsoon. I’d like to add to Monsoon’s background: He’s carried a lot of emotional baggage on his shoulders, ever since May 1999 where he faked sick leave to catch the premiere of Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom […]

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Shanes Spectacularly Shows Off His Joes

My pal Shane, seen here as a COBRA Crimson Guard commander, has the best collection of G.I. Joes I’ve ever seen. Now it’s not just the quantity, but his Joe figures is used thoroughly in the photos Shane took and posted at his JoesDios page where he goes by the monicker, LordRaven. There are quite a number of excellently composed […]

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Gimme cake I said

Exactly Four Years Ago Today…

… Irfan Shafiq was born just before 5 p.m. in the maternity ward at Kuala Lumpur Hospital. He caused his mother to be stuck at the hospital for almost 12 hours before finally decided it was time to pop out. I was right there with Ain when he popped out. When the nurse handed him to me he gave me […]

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Toy Robots In Disguise

Once upon a time in my early teens I had to save my weekly allowance for a couple of months before I could buy an original Transformers G1 toy. I only managed to save enough to buy two: Sideswipe and Sunstreaker. Then later when I was overseas, I bought Wheeljack which I was unable to find when I returned back […]

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After months of using other vehicles as substitute of Lightning McQueen from his favourite movie when playing with his toys, Irfan will finally get the real deal thanks to his Atok & Opah. Atok took these pictures and emailed them to us and Irfan was really excited looking at them. (So I’m told, cause I was wiped out before 9 […]

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Irfan with Bonnie Hunt, Paul Newman, Tony Shalhoub and George Carlin

Today The Light Switch…

… Tomorrow the world!!! Earlier today Irfan realised that he has a new super power: the ability to reach any high switch on the wall with his hands (albeit on tippy toes). So all morning he’s been all over the house flipping switches. Lights. Fan. Forcefields. Directed-energy weapons. Life support systems. But the best thing all week has been his […]

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