59 Months

One more month till Yaya hits the half decade mark! Woohooo! [[image:2013-yaya59month-01.jpg:Poster child for barrettes?:center:0]] Note: Mouse over the pictures for captions It has been a busy month of June. We started off at the end of May going to Maryland to visit the family, and then working in New Jersey and Pennsylvania before returning home at the end of […]

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Rafe’s 17 Month Birthday

And so, another month has passed by and the little guy is now 17 months old. He’ll be a year and a half soon! Wheeee! [[image:2013_0529_rafe15.jpg:Pleased as punch:center:0]] * Mouse over the pictures for captions Adik can now pretty easily climb the sofa. He doesn’t need help or a boost, he can do it all by himself. He has trouble […]

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56 Months

Yaya is now four months away from her first half decade! 56 months now! Where did all that time go? [[image:2013-yaya56month-13.jpg:Marveling on the merry-go-round:center:0]] * Mouse over the pictures for captions Food status: something weird happened at the grocery store. Yaya surreptitiously took a bite of a carrot at the produce aisle. She chewed a bit and then ended up […]

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Rafe’s 14 Month Birthday

And here it is not even a third of the way through March and Adik’s 14 month entry is here! As always, thanks to the gods of backdated entries! [[image:2013-adik14month-02.jpg:Look at all my teeth!:center:0]] Adik has at least seven teeth, possibly eight (although the eighth is unconfirmed at this point). * Mouse over the pictures for captions The boy is […]

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The schoolmate

gMalaysia Conference

Earlier today I attended an event organised by Google Malaysia called the gMalaysia Conference. It would be great to learn more about how Google products can help with my illustration business. Integrated with my Android smartphone, it’s already a indispensable tool for marketing and communications for my work. The schedule for the track I was on was displayed on this […]

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38 Months

So Yaya had her 38 month birthday while we were in New Jersey. Another quick and fun month has gone by, and here is the girl lounging on the bed in the hotel while Papa calls in a delivery dinner order: [[image:2011-0922-yaya1.jpg:No barrettes for once!:center:0]] Food status: no change, although we did discuss when she used to eat more stuff […]

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34 Months

This might be a new record in the tardiness of the monthly blog entry. The same excuses and the same apologies, but here she is our 34 month old Yaya. In less than two months (from today) she will be three! Unbelievable, right? ūüėČ [[image:2011-0522-yaya24.jpg:I’m a traveling Yaya!:center:0]] We¬†had more rain in May. Seriously –¬†we had rain almost every day […]

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32 Months

Well, this month I am (yet again) late with the entry. The girl is now 2 years and 8 months old – she’s 2 and 2/3 years old! Not long to the big 3!¬†She’s quite the character: [[image:20110322-yaya29.jpg:Hi everyone!!!:center:0]] I have no real excuse – sure, lots of¬†work and all that. But it’s both work and procrastination I suppose. This […]

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Makan-makan with Jen

So before Jen and Mike set off for their awesome vacation (one of the legs included dinner with Hisham’s family), we had a warm up makan session at the newly discovered Penang restaurant in Edison, NJ. We ordered so much food that they had to move us from a table suited to seat 3-4 people, to a table for 8. […]

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Allie’s 14 Month Birthday

I know – I am delinquent. It’s been over two weeks since Allie’s 14 month birthday and I am only finally putting together this entry. I’m terrible. I blame it on a) going back to work full time, and b) doing some travel for work. That just takes a lot out of you! But, whatever my excuses, Allie was 14 […]

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Selamat Hari Raya from NJ(??)

Eid Mubarak, and selamat hari raya to all! Vin, Allie and I were out of town for the holidays due to work commitments, but coincidentally, we had a work-related party to go to on the eve of Eid that actually specified that it was a national dress party. So Alllie put on her new baju kurung raya from Opah and […]

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It's that guy

A Night Out In The City…

… and the city is known as Tehran. Last week I spent a better part of a week (for work purposes) in Iran. The first photo of the entry two days ago showed Azadi Tower of Tehran, close to Mehrabad Airport, which now only handles domestic flights. Tehran was a bustling city, there were plenty of Peugeot cars as well […]

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A prominent landmark

Where Have I Been?

The last week or so, I have been on a trip. Any guesses as to where? It’s in the Middle East, populated by friendly folk, and the food is fantastic. Here are four photos all laid out to be more clues to the location. Stay tuned for the answer as well as more photos.

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After 6 long days, we're going home

The Last Time…

… I saw my phone was when I powered it down before getting on the flight at Gate 316, Stuttgart Airport. So long, faithful communication device. That ought to teach me to bring my mobile phone with me everywhere. What?

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Welcome, humans

The Mercedes-Benz Museum

After the second day of training, we were all brought on a bus through the cold but sunny afternoon weather from our training centre out near Hausen to the city of Stuttgart where we came upon this futuristic looking building: The Mercedes-Benz Museum. The entrance door of the museum greeted us like some Federation building of the 23rd century. After […]

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It's cold

Kehren Sie Nach Deutschland Zur√ľck

It was a cold Sunday morning when we arrived in Germany. It wasn’t as cold as it was two Februaries ago when snow surrounded Munich airport, but it was chilly enough for a bunch of Malaysians. But instead of staying over at Tiefenbronn (which was close by) I was given a room at Hotel-Gasthof Hirsch. And no, I can’t speak, […]

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