About Me


My name is Khairul Hisham and I do a number of things from art, writing, translation and running tabletop roleplaying games (RPGs). My day job is teaching English at a public university here in Malaysia.

I have done a range of science fiction, horror and fantasy artwork – both cover and interior work – for a number of clients, from self-published writers to tabletop game creators. Click on the Gallery link to view some of them.

I am also an English teacher and Malay-to-English translator where I work although I am able to do both on a freelance basis.

I have also been combining my interest in tabletop RPGs with teaching English, and thus I have been using RPGs such as Mini Six, Edge of the Empire and BareBones Fantasy to teach my students when I can. In fact, I am presently undergoing a Master’s Degree programme where I explore the benefits of using tabletop RPGs as a language learning tool, especially for ESL learners.

Please email me at hisham@hishgraphics.com for rates or any queries you might have!

Thanks for dropping by.

Attack of the Dinosaur Zombies

Attack of the Dinosaur Zombies