Bikers and techs

Patreon: More Enigma Corps

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Khairul Hisham (@hishgraphics) on Oct 28, 2018 at 7:00pm PDT Edward MacGregor has been commissioning more paper miniatures over the months. The paperminis are for his uchronic South East Asian early-20th century setting where Western colonialisation did not occur and local culture has evolved into a dieselpunk society. Entitled Enigma Corps, the setting is written for the FATE ruleset.  Here are three more batches for characters paperminis! They are all now live at my Hishgraphics Patreon page. Check out the photos below. Batch 6 features a bunch of street toughs and maidens who do not dabble in the dieselpunk technology of the era. Click here to download Enigma Corps 06 at my Patreon page. Batch 7 comprise of dieselpunk bikers and their mechanics. For the first time ever, we have a papermini of a bike. Click here to download Enigma […]

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Sick Hospital Breakout

Patreon: Doomed Surgical Team

Perfect for any horror tabletop role-playing games (RPGs), these paper miniatures of a doomed surgical team with a swarm of patients who are clearly hostile and infected with… something. Those stains on their medical smocks are perhaps blood, or infected vomit, or perhaps paint – because of a catastrophic hospital painting incident. Yeah, run that session and let me know how it turns out. Download the paper miniatures from Patreon for free!

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The gang's all here

Patreon: Troops on the Ground

The latest Patreon paper miniatures were released hours before August arrived, but I forgot to feature them here on the blog. So here are the Troops on the Ground series of modern soldiers for any modern role-playing games that require soldiers as player or non-player characters. Easily used with games like Covert Ops, Delta Green or The Laundry. The image above showcases the four basic designs. Each design has three discreet variations. There is space for you to write down character names. Click here to go to the Patreon entry to download the PDF file for printing and assembling! Or be a patron. Or share. Or something. Many thanks to our patrons on Patreon for the opportunity to create these paper miniatures over the years.

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The entire legion is here

Patreon Commission: Enigma Corps Redux

Edward MacGregor has been commissioning more paper miniatures for his FATE setting Enigma Corps. Here are three new batches for characters set in a South East Asian uchronia, where Western colonialisation did not occur and local culture has evolved into a dieselpunk society. They are all now live at my Hishgraphics Patreon page. Check out the photos below. Enigma Corps Batch 3 (above) consists of the aviator corps, with male & female combat pilots and male & female maintenance technicians. Click here to download Enigma Corps 03 at my Patreon page Enigma Corps Batch 4 (above) showcases members of high society including socialites and grand dames of the setting. Click here to download Enigma Corps 04 at my Patreon page Enigma Corps Batch 5 (above) features four naval personnel, with a male & female naval officer and male & female naval crewers in battle station gear (with a keris and […]

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Batch 1

Patreon Commission: Enigma Corps

In the past two month or so I was commissioned by Edward MacGregor to create several batches of paperminis for his Enigma Corps campaign. Enigma Corps is an uchronic dieselpunk campaign setting set in the early 20th century. The characters I have drawn for the paper miniatures here are from the Srivijaya Empire in South East Asia. The setting also lacks any South East Asian colonialism during the turn of the 20th century. I have uploaded two batches of the paper miniatures at Patreon. Each batch has at least 4 designs and a total of 12 paperminis. They are both downloadable for free at the following Patreon links: Click here to download Enigma Corps 01 Click here to download Enigma Corps 02 If you have any RPG campaign whereby you can use these miniatures, feel free to go nuts. Many thanks to my patron Edward MacGregor for commissioning these artwork […]

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They need an intro theme

Patreon: City Detectives

We return to the modern age with a new batch of tabletop RPG paper miniatures: law enforcement agents! Usable with any investigative or espionage settings, like Delta Green or The Laundry to Dark Conspiracy or Unknown Armies. Maybe even Kult. There are no tiers for this release of paperminis. Neither Pioneer-class nor the Mariner-class. The zip file contains the best level of artwork for the papermini PDF and a six-page full colour character artwork PDF! Which is basically a Voyager-class release! Download the free PDF files at the Patreon page here. As usual there are six artwork per batch with each artwork having two colour schemes. Some of the artwork might be recognisable as pastiches of famous TV investigators. I forgot to include a Sledge Hammer! pastiche. Let’s see how the minis interact with past papermini designs. Here a pair of FBI agents working from the basement of the FBI […]

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Six designs

Patreon: Intrepid Mechanoids

Here is the 14th batch of RPG paper miniatures I created and released at my Patreon page. Call them mechanoids, drones, droids, bots, synths… they are useable for any science fiction RPG campaigns with droids. There are mechs than walk, waddle, roll and climb which can be used as player characters or non-player characters at your gaming table. There is space to write their character names too. Click here to go to Patreon and download the free Pioneer-class release. The Mariner-class release with enhanced colouring (like the ones in the photos above), and the Voyager-class release which also includes six full-sized printable character artwork, have also been released for patrons. Thanks to my Patrons for the opportunity to make these paperminis!

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Uplifts on Mars

Patreon: The Uplifts of Space

Returning to the themes of transhumanism for the Hishgraphics paper miniature releases on Patreon, here are some uplifted animals to be used in your campaign. There are two designs each of crow uplifts, octopus uplifts and chimp uplifts perfect for your science fiction campaign. Genetic modifications in the future allow for some animals to possess human-level thoughts and consciousness. Click here to download the free Uplifts of Space PDF file on Patreon.

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These guys are woodsmen and warriors

Patreon: Human Adventurers

I have uploaded a pair of new paper miniature releases for Patreon, but forgot to announce it here. So here are the two sets of freely downloadable PDFs usable as player characters (PC) or non-player characters (NPC) in any medieval fantasy roleplaying game campaigns. Rangers of Sword Valley Sword Valley was once the most dangerous regions of the wilderness and filled with deadly creatures and hideouts of murderous brigands. Until the Rangers appeared out of nowhere and cleansed the valley of evil and danger. Now the valorous services of the Rangers of Sword Valley are in demand throughout the land – even when there are whispers of a dire secret being kept by these skilled woodsmen. Click here to download the free Rangers of Sword Valley PDF file on Patreon. Wilderfolk of the Dust Plains In the arid, dry lands of the Dust Plains where death await even the most […]

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Apprehend that door!

Patreon: Black Ops Spies

The 10th batch of paper miniatures for use with tabletop role-playing games has been released on my Patreon page. Again, use these for any spy games from Top Secret S.I. to Covert Ops. It is highly possible that you could use these even for modern Lovecraftian games with secret agents such as Delta Green or The Laundry. As per the previous releases, the Pioneer-class file (with flat colours) is now free for download. The Mariner-class (with shaded and highlighted illustrations) and the Voyager-class files (like the Mariner, plus full-sized character artwork!) will be made available at a later date for patrons. Hopefully tomorrow. A great big THANK YOU to all Patrons for your contributions and encouragement for me to be able to do this. The main Hishgraphics Paperminis Patreon page can be accessed here.

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Three boys and three girls

Patreon: High Society Spies!

My latest Hishgraphics Patreon Papermini set has been released! Download the PDF files at the link above for use in espionage tabletop role-playing games, from Night’s Black Agents to Covert Ops! This series of paper miniatures display a group of secret agents in high society (or what I think is high society based on a miasma of movies that merge together in a single mass in my mind) trying to schmooze it up with guns and high tech devices. As per the previous releases, the Pioneer-class file (with flat colours) is free for download. The Mariner-class (with shaded and highlighted illustrations) and the Voyager-class files (like the Mariner, plus full-sized character artwork!) are also available for patrons. If I have some time in the next couple of weeks, I will create and release paperminis of mooks for these guys to fight it out with. A follow-up release to this in […]

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All six Transhuman heroes

Patreon: Transhuman Heroes 1

In a transhuman or posthuman setting, you are able to enhance your body and your mind with cybernetics or nootropics, or you could discard your body and drive a totally different body which might be organic or synthetic, or you could discard physicality and live as a ghost in a machine, in one of many simulated realities. Human minds are becoming more and more posthuman, being able to share their experiences, store their memories in exocortexes, fork their minds and reintegrate their minds later, and to create simulations upon simulations upon simulations for purposes that would eventually become incomprehensible to the human mind. Players straddle that point in the post-scarcity setting where anything could be created with a 3D printer, from food to entire space habitats. Just died? Retrieve your cortical stack where your memories are stored, print out a new body and insert the stack into the receptacle in […]

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I hope they all brought lunch

Patreon: Lovecraftian Investigators 3

Lovecraftian / 1920s Pulp Investigators paperminis have been released on Patreon! For this batch, I drew six new artwork, namely: the Actress, the Game Hunter, the Professor, the Singer (or the Musician), the Farmer and the Writer who looks a bit like H.P. Lovecraft! Download them from the Patreon page here! The new group meets a Nightgaunt! But not for dinner! The Writer stays all the way at the back! But then the Writer gets surrounded by a trio of Mi-go. The whole gang together! For the higher resolution Mariner-class release, or the Voyager-class release which includes a printable pdf of character artwork please support the Patreon and download them here.

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Patreon: Lovecraftian Investigators 2

New Lovecraftian / 1920s Pulp Investigators paperminis have been released on Patreon! For this batch, I drew and setup a range of characters on the pdf, namely: the Librarian, the Hobo, the Dandy, the Alienist, the Grave Digger and Aviator! I’ve always wanted to draw a hobo. Download from the Patreon page here! Read some suggestions on how to assemble the paperminis here! Let’s see how both batches look like assembled after glued, folded and cut as seen above. The Alienist, Aviator and Hobo come face-to-face with some Flying Polyps. The Dandy walk down a street at the bad side of town and are tailed by some sort of strange hounds. The Grave Digger: “Why does it have to be Ghouls?” The Librarian break up a scuffle between the Mi-go and the Nightgaunt. Here’s everybody from both batches, bunched together for a group photo, with the Dandy attempting to grandstand. […]

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Prepare for some SAN loss

Patreon: Lovecraftian Investigators

Latest Patreon papermini release from Hishgraphics Papermini Patreon! Lovecraftian / pulp investigators from the 1920s! All prepared to lose their marbles upon investigating and being exposed to unspeakable horrors! With: the dilettante, the detective, the doctor, the police officer, the reporter and the nurse! As usual, the Pioneer-class release is free for download while the higher quality releases are for Mariner- and the Voyager-class patrons only! Fhtagn! Click here to download the pioneer-class pdf from Patreon! Also, as a free bonus download, some Lovecraftian papermini monsters for your player characters to tangle with – or to be player characters, I don’t judge. Click here to download some Ghouls and Mi-go the Fungi from Yuggoth on Patreon.

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I might use these for a BareBones Middle Earth campaign

Dwarves: Patreon Paperminis

The second batch of paper miniatures for the Patreon campaign has been released for patrons. Six flavours of Dwarven characters for your fantasy role-playing game campaign! Also included is a bonus PDF of a squad of armed Orc warriors. Don’t forget to check out other posts for free downloads!

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