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Being a freelance artist who has contributed to a number of tabletop role-playing game publications over the years, here are a collection of blog posts where I post my art.

Star Wars RPG Paper Miniatures Slide

Over the years, I have created a fair number of paper miniatures to be used with the Star Wars role-playing game. This category collects the whole lot of them. So feel free to download and assemble them from these entries.

RPG Actual Play Slide

All the tabletop RPG actual play report write-ups on my blog over the years, from Star Wars RPG to Call of Cthulhu to Eclipse Phase to Night’s Black Agents to Star Trek Adventures to Doctor Who to The Laundry RPG. More to come in the future!

Teaching Slide

Herein lies the collection of blog posts about my teaching English as a second language to university students.

RPGs with Colleagues Slide

In this series of posts, I play tabletop RPGs with colleagues at work. Alternatively, I also play them at conferences and events for work!
I need to play more with colleagues.

RPGs with Students Slide

A collection of posts where I play tabletop RPGs with my students in class for language learning purposes. I play games from Mini Six to Edge of the Empire to Dungeons and Dragons with my students.

RPGs with Irfan

RPG sessions (campaigns and one-shots) I ran for my son Irfan over the years. There are Star Wars D6, Edge of the Empire, Call of Cthulhu and The Expanse campaigns listed in this category.

Family Pics

A list of our family’s adventures through this simulated universe. Strangely, this is represented by several methods. Firstly, my thoughts in words and then a host of two-dimensional images configured for the human visible spectrum. Finally the blog itself as a medium of information. Also, sometimes there is cake.

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