Lines of Communications

29 January 2009 | Hisham | | Family Pics

Commemorating Sila's birthday on the 29th, we have here a series of screencaptures taken from Skype on Atok Irfan & Alya's computer in Sitiawan

The proliferation of the internet and its communication applications has been one of the most amazing things to be invented in the last decade or so. I remember in the early 90s, when my sister's vacation was over and she had to return to the States, it was the saddest time ever for me. Nowadays, or at least the last couple of times Sila and Vin were  on their way out of here, I was all like, "Going? OK, see ya when you get home."

So here are Alya, Alya's Mom and Dad in webcam view. Alya catches sight of the webcam and is intrigued. Perhaps it tastes good. Grab the sucka!

Incoming flyer!
Attempting to acquire target

Who are these strangle people crowded in the little screen on the monitor? (They would be her grandparents and her cousin's family.)

What's a monitor?

Allie's 6 Month Birthday

27 January 2009 | sila | | Family Pics

It happened! Last Thursday, January 22, 2009 (also Yong's birthday, happy birthday Yong!), Allie was six months old! She is filling her (and our) waking moments with giggles, squeals, chuckles and lots of love. She is an excellent hugger and cuddler, but hasn't quite yet mastered kissing, and she can be quite the babbler. She still enjoys tossing her toys overboard and making us pick them up for her, and she is getting quite good at manipulating toys, books and such. Vin's and my glasses are rarely without her fingerprints on the lenses somewhere. Some biggies: she rolled over on her own steam! Yayyy!! She can practically sit on her own (we need to help her balance a little but she holds herself upright quite well). We are done with the stories of Ambrose Bierce (the Civil War short stories turned out to be too disturbing for us) and we have started on the short stories and poetry produced by the Crab Orchard Review. And she and Lily have had some interactions - Allie has even petted Lily. Although we have to be careful that Allie isn't too rough and spooks Lily, there is an uneasy truce between the two. :-)

Allie still hasn't cut any teeth yet although her gums are pretty hard now. We just got back from the pediatrician for her 6-month check up - the girl is doing well, and is of average weight but she is taller than 75% of her fellow six month olds. I support that's not really much of a surprise, for those of you who may know Vin in person ;-). We will also be starting on solids shortly! Woohoooo!

OK seriously, I should stop chit chatting and get to the main event. The pictures!



* Mouse over the pictures for captions


Objects At Rest

26 January 2009 | Hisham | | ACS Memories

Comrades, some since Standard 1 in ACS Sitiawan way back when the town had one main road running into it and there were swathes of rubber trees between small clusters of houses and stores and buildings. 20 years after I officially left the school, it's time for another gathering in Sitiawan, this one precipitated by none other than Chinese New Year. Apart from Gnana, Sathya and Alvin, I haven't seen this bunch for at least 18 years or so.

Hisham, Sathya, Kuan Wong, Gnana, Kung Jung, Andrew and Alvin

The Exercise of Vital Powers

24 January 2009 | Hisham | | Family Pics, Food

Another month, another new year - making this the third new year in two months. What's a new year - especially Chinese New Year - without a vital trip to the nearby FELCRA seafood restaurant, as previously seen in this entry from a couple of years back.

Waiting for the squiddies to arrive

As usual, the highlight of dinner is the fried calamari a.k.a. sotong celup tepung. The crew depicted above is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the squiddies. However, Irfan is easily distracted as shown in the following photo.


Intersections in Real Time

22 January 2009 | Hisham | | Family Pics

The counter ticks up for Ain every year on January 22nd, which makes this the thirteenth year I've been around her to hear the counter tick.

This year also marks first year Irfan contributed to his mother's birthday card.

We, including Cik Ma and Cik Su, travelled to The Mines to consume some chicken at Kenny Roger's Roasters. However, there was a chicken shortage there.

So instead we invaded Nando's instead for some peri-peri chicken. In conclusion, I loved the peri-peri sauce and Ain did not.

More for me!

Happy birthday Ain

And Now For A Word

14 January 2009 | Hisham | | Recent News

We interrupt your regularly unscheduled pogrom (you know the one I'm talking about) to bring you the latest news.

It's more of a picture of where I'm working, rather than the news. It's a photo of where I'm currently working from... at this moment... while monitoring stuff.

On the floor

Now that's roughing it.

Also, don't ask how I'm connected to the interwebs.


The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father

09 January 2009 | Hisham | | Comics, TV

Roll call for the members of Green Lantern Corps that appeared in the pre-credits teaser of the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode "Day of the Dark Knight!"

Sector 2814 & Sector 674

Moments of Transitions

06 January 2009 | Hisham | | Family Pics
The new workstation

In anticipation of Irfan's schooling days, we bought a new desk for him, which came by pretty cheap at Carrefour. After hauling the furniture, allowing it to percolate for 2 days before assembling it last weekend, Irfan finally had a Homework Desk. However, he didn't seem too interested about it... until his first homework was assigned. Comparing with some of his photos in the rotating, blue-tinged header images on this blog, it seems like he's really changing fast from being a little kid to a big kid.

We see him hard at work, in the picture above. He learned what the colour ochre looked like just minutes earlier.


The Long, Twilight Struggle

05 January 2009 | Hisham | | Family Pics
The Hour of the Wolf

With preschool ending last year, it's now time for Irfan to experience actual public school education, warts and all.

Waking up earlier than he is wont to, Irfan took a bath, suited up and had some breakfast to eat, namely some freshly fried noodles. The previous night he tried togo to bed with wearing his tie.