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  • 17th Anniversary Dinner
    It is now our seventeenth year together, Ain and I. So many hardships along the way and against hostile odds here we are still together, still in love; and with Irfan stil
  • Nia and the Beach Cats
    We went for an early dinner at Kuala Perlis with Ayah Cik, Cik Ma, Cik Su and young Nia Nia. The restaurant was by the promenade, right by the sea. Irfan knew exactly what
  • A Nasal Epilogue
    After last week's surgery , I had splint and padding up my nose to hold things together as the parts within healed. The doctors gave me little bottles of saline solution a
  • Suddenly, The Emergency Room
    ... but upon my return home from my three-day hospital stay , I discovered that Opah Irfan had a high fever and could not sit up. She was extremely weak from illness. So,
  • Finally, A Surgery
    Atok and Opah Irfan came to visit last Saturday for a medical reason. The photo of them above along with Irfan was taken the day they left for Sitiawan on the 12th. Severa
  • New Sandwich Place
    I have been wanting to visit this new sandwich place in town. We finally got extra cash for the week so we went for some sandwiches. However to save money, we only bought
  • Symposium Gift Artwork
    At the language symposium last week , besides the two assignments I wrote about I also had a third task: Which was to sketch some artwork to be printed and presented as gi
  • An Old School Buddy Visits
    Once upon a more innocent time I went to school, the result of which was I met many other school-age little humans many of which became my friend. I was 10 years old when
  • Comes A Nia Nia
    Rania and family came back to visit us from Kuala Lumpur during the long weekend. We picked up Ayah Cik Farid and Cikma from the airport and had dinner with them at Kepala
  • Kangar Street Art Photos
    I was busy all through to the end of 2016 that I was oblivious to stuff happening in Kangar. For example, I recently discovered an alley near the centre of town which had
  • The Clutch
    The answer to that is the clutch disintegrated on the inside.
  • The Car Exhausts Me
    Usually car problems come not within a month or two of one another. For us. So far. Until now. Friday It was Friday afternoon just before Solat Jumaat when the car engine
  • Another Rainy Dinner by the Sea
    In the past I have posted an blog article of us having an early dinner along the road by the sea at dusk in Kuala Perlis before. Again, it was raining but this time there
  • Return Trip to the Hospital
    After the last aborted attempt at FESS at the hospital, I have been waiting for five months for the next scheduled surgery, spraying mometasone furoate up my nose almost d
  • Finally, Furniture and then Ice Cream
    After eighteen months of sitting on the floor watching television, we finally got enough cash this month to purchase a sofa set! Atok and Opah were visiting, so we thought
  • Nasi Kerabu: A Bus Ride Follow Up
    During our bus trip over the mountains the other week, Ain made friends with a fellow traveller, a Kelantanese who lived in Perlis. She had a nasi kerabu restaurant in Kan
  • Splitting the Party
    The evening after the Spell-It-Right competition, we travelled to Alor Setar where Ain and Cik Su who came visiting would be heading to Kuala Lumpur to reunite with Tok Ba
  • Boy Spells More Words
    It has been more than a month since it last rained. The skies have been blue all day for weeks. I would gladly enjoy the view of the blue sky if it were not for the soarin
  • Like Flying Polyps But Not Really
    THEN It was back in early October after Raya Haji vacation when I began to fall ill with fever, coughs and sniffles. I blew my nose at work and sprayed the toilet at the o
  • Rainy Dinner by the Sea
    We cannot afford a lot. Most of our resources are currently being used to our debts collected while living in Kuala Lumpur below the poverty line. I even think twice refue
  • A KL Incursion into the Caves
    Then all too suddenly, we were visited upon by relatives from back in the Klang Valley, specifically Irfan's cousins Aiman and Zara and their family. It was the first time
  • A Second Move
    Last December we moved 500 hundred kilometres to new house . This week a year later, we moved again but this time it was only about 2 klicks down the road. It was gratifyi
  • The Haze Reaches North
    The haze has crept up and enveloped the entire northern region of the country. The last couple of days has been abysmal. Visibility range has been lowered to about 200 met
  • Visitors to Burger Republik
    When the visitors formerly from the tenth floor visited, we thought we would take them to some place fancy, namely Burger Republik . For the occasion, two tables were join
  • Visitors Formerly From the Tenth Floor
    Over the Merdeka Day Weekend, we received some visitors, two of which lived back at the Tenth Floor with us back in the day Cikma, Ayah Cik the Younger and Ciksu travelled
  • A Return to Burger Republik
    Because we sent some freelance proofreading work in the direction of the proprietor of Burger Republik , they invited us over for dinner on the house. I had the chicken ke
  • Atok and Opah's April Visit
    Atok and Opah visited us in Perlis once more, this time to help ensure all went well during the my last ever semester final examinations. If I make it through this, then I
  • Finally TIme for a Breather and a Kitty
    I have not been posting much because life in the last month or so has been very hectic.   First , I was commissioned to proofread a doctorate student's thesis from a neigh
  • Birthday Burgers
    Ain and I couldn't celebrate our recent birthdays during our birthdays for one reason or another. Then we both received some extra coin for doing some freelance work. So w
  • First Weekend of the Year
    Our first weekend of the year was an eventful one. Irfan registered at his new secondary school, which was not far from the house. He would be able to ride a bicycle to it
  • First Entry From The North
    Here we are at the northernmost part of the country, over a hundred klicks away from the nearest population centre which could be called a "city". We live in a kampung, al
  • Final Entry from the Tenth Floor
    The blog is not headed anywhere. But the subtitle "View from the Tenth Floor" will be changed starting today as we will no longer be living on the tenth floor. A breakfast
  • Cave of Dramatic Lighting
    We visited Gua Kelam yesterday. Gua Kelam is officially translated as "Cave of Darkness" at the plaques we saw at the site. The cave is a tunnel that runs through a limest

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