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  • A Last Jedi Review
    No Spoilers Here We saw The Last Jedi last Wednesday on opening night. I went in with zero expectations. I did not read spoilers. I had no fan theories. All I wanted to do
  • Porg Dameron
    What if Poe Dameron was a porg? What if he still had his helmet and Glie-44 blaster pistol? What then? What then? I drew the above a couple of days ago, posted on Twitter
  • Porgcorn
    The Imperial Talker tweeted about a dream he had involving popcorn. I chimed in and... things escalated. Who knows, maybe we will discover in December that this IS an actu
  • Rebel SpecPorg
    Sketch Wars on Twitter had a porg theme over the week, so I thought I'd chip in with a porg wearing Rebel SpecForce outfit for some reason or other. Well, I thought it was

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