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Little Girl Dives In Coral Reef

Posted by Hisham
Sunday 04 April 2010 at 7:36 pm.
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Colourful underwater-like scene

But then...

A predator appears...?

What happens next?

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David Leyman

The shark gets the whiff of that fish fart and swims away at great speed begging for mercy.

A Berugian death ray pierces the water and vaporises the shark. The little girl is admitted to hospital with severe scalding from which she, sadly, does not recover. The Berugians send their ships into the sea and take over all the oceans of the world after setting up an alliance with the giant squid.

With a rapid flick of its mighty tail, the shark surges forward and bites the little girl in half. The small fish seize the opportunity to move in and feed off her entrails that are floating from her lower torso like a many armed octopus.

The small girl swings her left hand around exposing a nuclear disruptor that she jabs into the shark’s mouth. In a moment of horror she realises she has set it to ‘Full’. The resulting explosion devastates the East side of the Hawaiian Islands killing her parents who were waiting on the beach for her.

David Leyman (Email ) (URL) - 04-04-’10 20:49

Little girl is not so little since the shark can barely open its jaw and fit her head in :o

Lil (Email ) (URL) - 04-04-’10 22:05

shark fin soup for dinner…
my bad

Selena (URL) - 04-04-’10 23:39
Poh Tun Kai

She hugs the shark and it doesn’t feel like eating her. Love wins the day!

Poh Tun Kai - 05-04-’10 19:05
David Leyman

Sometimes, when we were fishing from the boat, we were so cold that the small shark we caught felt quite warm, by comparison, fresh from the sea; so we would hug them to warm ourselves up.

Shark fin soup for everyone in the Pacific as a result of the little girl’s nuclear disruptor…..

‘Souperbuoy’ leaps into the warter to rescue the small girl and gather the fins of the shark but, oh no! He can’t get down far enough into the water – he is too buoyant! Leering sideways, like sharks do, at Souperbuoy he nips off the little girl’s head as an appetizer before turning his attention to the panic stricken SouperBuoy…….

David Leyman (Email ) (URL) - 06-04-’10 17:23
David Leyman

“Oh, Grandma! What big gills you’ve……gills? Oh, no!! Hel…ghlurghgl” Drowns. Bored, the shark swims off in search of entertainment elsewhere.

David Leyman (Email ) (URL) - 06-04-’10 17:26

an alien shows up and fights the predator, of course! :-D

sila - 08-04-’10 10:00

Why don’t you have a seat over there?

Hisham (URL) - 08-04-’10 11:45

did i get it right? who’s being asked to sit where and why? looks around suspiciously

they’re coming for me aren’t they?

sila - 08-04-’10 19:59

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