Participants need to figure out how AI apps affect student assessment and evaluation

Artificial Intelligence in Education

Last Thursday and Friday, my entire department and I travelled by bus to Hotel Neo+ in Penang. Instead of being a participant, the management slotted me in to present about the effect of ChatGPT in assessment and evaluation of students. Being mostly early adopter of a lot of online tech – except LiveJournal and TikTok – the management thought it was up to me to tell my colleagues about how prevalent artificial intelligence (AI) will change — is changing — the education landscape. The first workshop was about assessment and evaluation in general, ran by a person from UUM. My workshop was scheduled for after dinner. I began by going through my AI-generated slides. A few days before, I used, a site that uses the ChatGPT AI to help users automatically generate full slides! It was not perfect, but it was enough for a fake presentation. Then, I moved […]

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Title card Star Trek Adventures Emergency Deep S01E02

STA: Taken

Star Trek: Emergency Deep S01 E02 “Taken” Previously on Star Trek Adventures: Emergency Deep. Here is the second session report from yesterday, once again in the form of a Captain’s Log written by Dan who plays the Captain Ellison. Captain’s Log, Supplemental. USS Östergötland (NCC-72227). Captain Greg Ellison in command. The biggest question is why was Sally abducted? Why wait till she boarded the USS Östergötland unless the abductor(s) were onboard. It makes sense as clearly the ship’s computer had been tampered with. As Cmdr. Drake was leading investigations in the aft torpedo, Initiated a search to search whether there were any missing crew members. Within seconds, the reassuring voice of the ship’s computer replied that all crew members were accounted for. Could it be that the abductor was still onboard? Investigation As if to answer my question, Cmdr. Drake reported that he along with Lt. dos Santos had found […]

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The Saber-class USS Sienkiewicz NCC-88034

STA: Gravity of the Situation

Star Trek: Thine Own Self S02 E05 “Gravity of the Situation” *** Previously… With the flotilla led by the USS Ibn al-Nahfis headed towards the nearest Starbase, the USS Sienkiewicz is left to deal with the last 70 scientists, engineers and admin personnel. A huge asteroid, part of the extreme outer edge of the black hole’s accretion disc slammed onto the planet’s surface over the horizon. The shockwave devastated the planet surface, but the Away Team managed to activate the colony’s shields. Now a shield dome is protecting the city from an extreme atmospheric disruption – dangerous storm with ionized particles in the dust whipping at 200 kph around the city. Communications and transporters are useless outside the city. Stardate: 57995.9. 30th December, 2380. Starfleet Dramatis Personae Capt. Vosgal Toor, Zaranite commanding officer of the Sienkiewicz (NPC) Lt. Cmdr. Kodar Tamat, Cardassian engineering officer and mission commander (PC) Dr. Thomas […]

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Title card Star Trek Adventures Emergency Deep S01E01

STA: Deep End of the Pool

Star Trek: Emergency Deep S01 E01 “The Deep End of the Pool” Here’s a new style of Star Trek Adventures session write-up. A Captain’s Log as written by Dan who plays Captain Ellison. Dramatis Personae and GM’s synopsis is posted after the log. Beginning Captain’s Log. Stardate 58457.8 USS Östergötland (NCC-72227). Captain Greg Ellison in command. Reykjavík Experimental Shipyards, Earth The day started off, well ,normal enough, with me reporting to Admiral Kathryn Janeway at Reykjavík Experimental Shipyards, Faxaflói Bay. A very straightforward encounter, with the usual pleasantries and small talk. She was much smaller than I had imagined. As she was briefing my orders, it was hard not to miss noting that she had her left hand on her hip. Perhaps it was her way of asserting authority or just a quirk of hers. I wonder what my crew would identify me with. Also present at the briefing were […]

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