Participants need to figure out how AI apps affect student assessment and evaluation

Artificial Intelligence in Education

Last Thursday and Friday, my entire department and I travelled by bus to Hotel Neo+ in Penang. Instead of being a participant, the management slotted me in to present about the effect of ChatGPT in assessment and evaluation of students. Being mostly early adopter of a lot of online tech – except LiveJournal and TikTok – the management thought it […]

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STA: Gravity of the Situation

Star Trek: Thine Own Self S02 E05 “Gravity of the Situation” *** Placeholder Text: Stardate: 57995.9. 30th December, 2380. Orbiting the planet Khotan, the Saber class USS Sienkiewicz NCC-88034 watches a shockwave caused by an asteroid strike envelop the Khotan Colony. Just as shields are raised. At the landing field, Ensign Sparik determines that the shuttle Sinclair & runabouts Moonstar […]

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