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STA: Search and Rescue

Star Trek: Thine Own Self S1 E02 Search and Rescue *** Captain’s Log, USS Sienkiewicz. Stardate: 57079.1. We have been sent to the Melpomene Sector to search for the missing USS Nairobi, a New Orleans class Federation starship. We have a number of clues to our advantage. The cargo ship SS Purzelbaum has spotted the ship in the Balateen system. […]

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Encounter at Volor III 01

STA: Encounter at Volor III

Star Trek: Thine Own Self S01 E01 Encounter at Volor III *** Captain’s Log USS Sienkiewicz. Stardate 56535.21. Captain Vosgal Toor reporting. Starfleet has assigned the Sienkiewicz to help with a science station on the craggy mountains on the planet Volor III. The Volor system is located at the border of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Despite being at a […]

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Away Team Alpha

Star Trek Adventures RPG Papermini Generator

I have known Wayne “Scarecrow” Peters since the days of the Star Wars Online Journal for which I was a web layout designer and an illustrator back in the early 2000s. I have kept in touch with him on various social media platforms over the years. I discovered last year that Wayne had created an online paper miniatures generator for […]

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Irfan is now a Bajoran

STA: Phaser to a Singularity Fight

Star Trek Adventures Phaser to a Singularity Fight This Sunday afternoon, I thought we would just test out Star Trek Adventures. I did not even prepare a scenario. I started with the first encounter and it just snowballed onward from there. And yes, I just saw “The Enemy” several days earlier. In Medias Res Commander Lenaris Los, a Bajoran and […]

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Star Trek Adventures RPG

Once upon a time I had a couple of Star Trek RPG books published by FASA. They were both destroyed by termites. They were the Federation Sourcebook I got from The Mind Shop maybe 25 years ago, and the Star Trek The Next Generation First Season Sourcebook. Since then, the Star Trek RPG licence had moved on from FASA to […]

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