Star Wars RPG on Star Wars Day 2024

Star Wars RPG event promo at Here Be Dragons MY

Star Wars RPG event promo at Here Be Dragons MY

May the Fourth Be With You.” The wish can seen thrown around all over the place on the 4th of May every year among Star Wars fans. Likewise this year, friends on various social media platforms are wishing to and fro across the internet. Sometimes, I forget how much of a cultural juggernaut Star Wars is.

The Star Wars Day event at TTDI

Here Be Dragons MY, the board game and tabletop RPG shop in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail where I ran Star Trek Adventures last December, invited me for an event this year! I was a speaker for a talk/workshop and GM for a Star Wars Day event there. Irfan and I booked a hotel at SS21 so we would not have to travel 60 klicks for the event. He was very instrumental in helping me organise and set up. Plus, Irfan joined as a player in the second session to fill an empty seat as a droid.

There were two session, one beginning at 11am and the other at 3pm. Each session I presented a talk that introduces the Star Wars RPG, its history and how we play and GM it. I mentioned about how any tabletop RPGs, not just Star Wars, can be a language learning tool for anyone. I hope the participants had fun, and it does look as if they had a lot of fun. Finally, because of a random drawing, I will need to draw the character of Zal Artha from the first session.

At the end of the day…

I ran two Star Wars RPG sessions and after Maghrib, we played an extra session of Delta Green RPG! It was an enjoyable but exhausting day for me. All in all, I hope to be doing it again next year. Perhaps I can organise one-shot events whenever I return to Kuala Lumpur in the coming months.

Check out the photos of the event:

Addendum: This is my 35th year GMing the Star Wars RPG, so I will consider his my celebration of the occasion! 35 years! Where did the time go?

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