Mudtroopers facing front

Paperminis: Mimban Stormtroopers

Solo: A Star Wars Story introduced us to several new branches of the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps. During the battle on Mimban, several stormtroopers are seen in dark and muddy costume. I am uncertain as to whether the armour looked muddy after being on Mimban for so long, or if it was some sort of purposeful mud camouflage pattern. Here is a series of eight mudtroopers if you want to play Star Wars RPG on Mimban, or any muddy planets. Click here to download and assemble these paperminis for free from Google Drive. Have fun with them.

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Human Jedi Knights

Paperminis: Human Jedi Knights

It has come to my attention that I do not have any Star Wars RPG paper miniatures intended for use as Jedi. So as starters, here is a set of eight Jedi (two colour-variant sets of four designs) to be used as generic human Jedi. They are garbed in prequel-era Jedi Knight robes with either blue or green lightsabres. Too be fair, I think they look kind of bland. Scenes with a lot of Jedi in the prequels also do have this bland quality to it. I think it accentuates how much dogma and homogeneity have permeated the once-magnificent Jedi Order. With more time perhaps I can make Star Wars Rebels/West End Games-era Jedi which has more diverse costume designs. I would also like to create common alien species Jedi paperminis. Maybe, even Darksiders with their red-bladed lightsabres. Click here to download for free and assemble the Human Jedi Knights […]

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scoundrels vs stormies

Bored at Work But Not Really

Between semesters, I need not head to classes to teach. I do have a lot of work at the office though such as grading papers, planning for the next semester, employee assessment forms, workshops to attend and things such as the previous day’s brochure to create. So, alone in my room sometimes I just set my RPG gear and paperminis on my table just for kicks. Classes will start soon, so I will not have the opportunity for this again in a couple of months hence. Click on the Paper Miniatures category on the blog to see all the available Star Wars paperminis.

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Modesty Blazing

Paperminis: Characters from my SWRPG Campaigns

Here are paper miniatures of characters created for my own various Star Wars RPG campaigns for your own use. There is space at their feet on one side of the paperminis to write their names on. Time is the Hunter characters Note: Iris Helena is based on Helena on Orphan Black. Edged by the Empire characters Note: Numa is the same Numa that appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and later (after her appearance in this campaign) popped up in Star Wars Rebels. Modesty Blazing characters Note: VAX-11 body design is based on robots seen in the movie Elysium. Nora’s clothes are based on costume from The Dirty Pair anime. All of Darter’s weapons and gear are on him even if they are not visible. Click here to download, print and assemble all of these character paperminis for free from Google Drive! Please head on over to my Patreon […]

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They are all leaves upon the wind

Paperminis: KX-series Security Droids

Alan Tudyk made the role of K-2SO the reprogrammed Imperial security droid from Rogue One a memorable one. If you require paper miniatures of him or other KX-series droids for your Star Wars RPG campaign, download and assemble the one I made here. Click here to download the free KX-series Imperial security droid PDF from Google Drive here. Please check out my Patreon site for other non-Star Wars paper miniature downloads. Some free PDF sets are readily available too.

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Ben Schwartz/Bill Hader voicework non included

Paperminis: BB-series Astromech Droids

BB-8 the spherical rolling astromech unit belonging to Poe Dameron is quite the popular droid. Finally I had gotten around to making paper miniatures of its type of droid for your Star Wars RPG campaign. Obviously the scale is wrong because a 20-30mm scale football sized figure would not be worth printing out and making into a papermini. Click here to download the free PDF from Google Drive. Please check out my Patreon site for more paper miniature downloads. Some free PDF sets are readily available too.

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Now we're customised

Paperminis: Phase II Clone Troopers

I thought I would get the ubiquitous Republic clone troopers from the Clone Wars out of the way before we get swept up by Rogue One fever in the coming months. These are just standard Phase II armour without any armour decorations. There are ten clone troopers and two clone commanders on the PDF. Everyone has one DC-15 blaster. Here is what you can do: Customise these troopers! Decorate it yourself with coloured markers, and write their name in the box. Go to town on them with a Sharpie. Now you will have customisable clone trooper paper miniatures for your Star Wars RPG campaign set in the Clone Wars! More clone trooper variants to come in the future! Click here to download the free PDF file for printing and assembling.

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Paperminis: Rogue One Troopers

Rogue One, the first of the Star Wars anthology movies, will be released in six months. New stormtrooper types which will make their debut in the film have been introduced by Lucasfilm a couple of weeks ago. We have no idea what the functions of these new stormtroopers are right now. If I were to guess, the shoretroopers are made of clones of Pauly Shore and the death troopers die immediately after wearing the uniform. In any case, I made a single sheet of paper miniatures to be used with the Star Wars RPG. Six shoretroopers and six death troopers to be used against any rebel scum in your campaign. Updated (9th December 2018): Minor layout repairs done and a brand new shoretrooper drawing inserted in the pdf. Click here to download the free pdf for printing and assembly!

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Paper minis with BACKS!

Paper Minis: Royal Guards and a Sheev

It’s been a while since I posted Star Wars RPG paper miniatures. So here is something that would break the silence: Imperial Royal Guards! The red armoured guards which was first introduced in Return of the Jedi. As a bonus, I’ve included Palpatine the nice and helpful former Senator from Naboo in the pack. He is such a pleasant fellow. I might have printed the ones in the photo wrong somehow. They came out too dark instead of bright red. And for the first time ever, my Star Wars paper minis have a back! Now you can actually turn the mini 180 degrees and tell your fellow players that the Royal Guard, or Palpatine, farts in their general direction. Hunter the pirate will need to fast talk his way out of this. Is Carnor Jax one of these guardsmen? Let’s just say yes. Click here to download and print these […]

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Created by Steven Bochco

Paper Minis: Coruscant Underworld Police

All the way from Star Wars: The Clone Wars are the Coruscant Security Force personnel stationed deep in the underworld sectors and here are some paper miniatures if you want to play one, or have a whole squad as backup (or as opposition). Or you can use them in your role-playing games to represent law enforcement anywhere in the galaxy. It’s free! Click here to download from Google Drive.

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I think I damaged this one

Paper Minis: Rebel Commandos

We are now back in the Classic Trilogy era after a foray into The Force Awakens paper miniatures for an entry or four. Rebel Alliance’s SpecForce battalions are many. Among them are the SpecForce Pathfinders and SpecForce Infiltrators. A mixed SpecForce squad comprised the rebel commando strike team that sabotaged the Endor shield generator. So, if you need paper miniatures of these highly trained elite troopers, feel free to grab and print them from the link below. Download from Google Drive!

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He kind of looks like Deadpool doesn't he

Paper Minis: Guavian Enforcers

The Guavian Death Gang could conceivably be your player characters’ generic criminal enemies in your RPG campaign. Don’t forget to take into account the Guavian Security Soldiers’ illegal cybernetics that boost their agility and strength while allowing them to network with each other using high-frequency datastreams as they fight your players. The Guavians carry either the Tostovin Munition percussion cannon or the micro-grenade launcher, but I did not draw any of them with the grenade launcher. Click here to download and assemble the Guavians for free from Google Drive.

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These two minis can be Poe and Jess if you want them to be

Paper Minis: Resistance Soldiers

Ground troops and the fighter pilots of the Resistance! Underfunded, understaffed and far from resupply sources the General Leia Organa’s Resistance do what they can to fight the First Order in their own territory. The Resistance Troopers carry BlasTech EL-16HFE blaster rifles while the X-wing pilots are armed with the smaller Eirriss-Ryloth Defense Tech Glie-44 blaster pistols. Click here to download and assemble the Resistance Fighters for free from Google Drive.

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He told me to burn things

Paper Minis: More First Order Stormtroopers

Perhaps I should continue with paperminis from The Force Awakens no? Here are a bunch of First Order Snowtroopers and Flametroopers for your tabletop use, should you even find yourself about thirty years after the Battle of Endor and shunted into the new canon timeline. The Flametroopers carry a D93w flame projector weapon around, just for fun and stuff. Click here to download and assemble the Snowtroopers and Flametroopers for free from Google Drive.

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Stormin' the Krayt Fang

Paper Minis: First Order Stormtroopers

I’m sure someone will be wanting to run Star Wars RPG campaign set in The Force Awakens era, so here are the first of many paper miniatures to help you on your tabletop. Four of them carry the Sonn-Blas F-11D blaster rifle, another four the Sonn-Blas SE-44D blaster pistol and the final four are the wielders of the Z6 riot control baton, which is different from the Z-6 rotary blaster. Or you could just use them to represent any mook in any RPG, they’re only made of paper and it is after all the theatre of the mind. Click here to download the PDF from Google Drive for printing and assembling!

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Naval troopers and combat drivers

Paper Minis: More Imperial Troops

It’s that random time of the week/month/year again when I draw and release a new free set of Star Wars RPG paper miniatures for your player characters to tangle with on your tabletop. Imperial Naval Troopers and the new Imperial Combat Drivers (from Star Wars Rebels)! Two different illustrations for each type, all standing by for battle in the Galactic Civil War, with the former wielding DH-17 blasters and the latter E-11 blasters. Download the pdf file from Google Drive here!

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