Ain and Irfan at not Tugu Negara

Easterly Wind Festival 2020

This weekend was the Pesta Angin Timur Perlis (Perlis Easterly Winds Festival) and they have been advertising it everywhere from meatspace to cyberspace. This year, they held it at Kampung Oran which is not too far from home. Although word on the street (and digital streets as well) say that it would be more spectacular at night, we went in […]

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Modesty Blaze nose art!

Modesty Blazing Intro Video

While awaiting the next time I travel to Kuala Lumpur and by chance the GOKL group is free to congregate for a roleplaying session of Star Wars Edge of the Empire, I have created an intro video of our campaign Modesty Blazing, also using OpenShot Video Editor. Video making is fun. I should make more videos. The music is edited […]

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Hishgraphics H

Hishgraphics Illustrations Video

I’ve been playing with OpenShot Video editor on this Linux Mint laptop. I downloaded the one in the repository, which was v1.4. Keyframe animation was a joy with it, but I was not able to copy and paste animation properties from one video clip to another. I did a little digging and I discovered that OpenShot 2.0 had been released […]

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Pictures of Lily

[[image:lily06.jpg:Lily in the fruit bowl:center:0]] Pictures of Lily By The Who: I used to wake up in the morningI used to feel so badI got so sick of having sleepless nightsI went and told my dad He said, ‘Son now here’s some little something’And stuck them on my wallAnd now my nights ain’t quite so lonelyIn fact I, I don’t […]

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Pacific Northwest: Part III (Hurricane Ridge)

The next day dawned rainy (as evil Mr Weatherman had forecasted). We drove back east towards Seattle, and decided to try Hurricane Ridge to see if the rain would hold off. On the way up the Ridge, this is what we saw: [[image:pacnw47.jpg:Bambi? Is that you?:center:0]] Bambi! And his family, too: [[image:pacnw45.jpg:Bambi’s Aunty?:center:0]] [[image:pacnw46.jpg:Bambi’s Mommy?:center:0]] I couldn’t see any big […]

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Pacific Northwest: Part II (Rialto Beach)

After the wet Rainforest adventure, we relaxed and napped in our room before going out to dinner. Vincent recommended the Smokehouse, a little outside of downtown Forks. This guy welcomed us: [[image:pacnw30.jpg:Is this what Eric Cartman looks like grown up? Pie!!!:center:0]] It served excellent local seafood and we had a lovely meal. We were too full to try the pie […]

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Stunt KitKat

Since the arrival of Tiger Lily Belle (Lily, to those closest to her), Vin and I have hardly been able to take our eyes off of this little cutie. She sleeps on the bed with us sometimes, but normally on Vin’s side. We play with her and pet her, and enjoy her loving company. She’s an amazing little creature! She […]

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Lando Pulls a Marvin Gaye

I rarely post YouTube links here. But this one is somewhat hilarious I just had to give it its own entry for posterity’s sake. [[image:lando.jpg:Let’s Get It On:center:0]]This is a conjectural scene that took place in the hangar bay of the Home One before the Battle of Endor in Return of the Jedi. Click here to view it.

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Sabredart trailer

My Faux Star Wars TV Promo

A new Star Wars TV show? Sadly, no. Yesterday, as I was monkeying around with Painter, I remembered that once I thought of making a opening credits-type of video of my IRC Star Wars RPG gaming group, Sabredart. So I figured, why not just do a storyboard for the credits. Then it hit me, how about a storyboard for a […]

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