More aliens out in the fringe

Paper Minis: Asok’s Fringers Part 2

Here is a second set of paper minis created from Ryan “Asok Yeesrim” Rhodes’s illustrations used with his permission. Check out larger versions of the artwork at his gallery linked from his name. The first batch of Ryan-drawn minis can be found here. Here’s our first non-canonical alien species created by Ryan, named the Trog – which I thought looks a lot like the yet-unnamed stalk-eyed species created and drawn by Mike Vilardi for West End Games or perhaps a Zilkin which appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Also, our first extra wide paper mini by way of the humongous Herglic, which takes twice the width. Click here to download the set from Google Drive.

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A modified Nebulon-B escort frigate

Cartol’s Emporium

Jegergryte did not wish to disturb me after I created artwork for his Edge of the Empire group, so he requested an artwork on SWAG. After a month or so without being picked up – and I had some free time to spare – I yoinked it The drawing of the modified Kuat Drive Yards EF-76 Nebulon-B escort frigate would be used for the cover of his Edge of the Empire homebrewed supplement entitled Cartol’s Emporium. To make the Emporium seem busy with business, I also included other ships in the artwork. Ships from campaigns I ran or played in! Clockwise from lower left: Nova Coyote – a Corellian YT-1760 from WOTC’s Star Wars Gamer from Team Sabredart the SWAG Clone Wars D6 campaign. A Bad Example – a SoroSuub Personal Luxury 3000 space yacht from A Bad Example in the Spacelanes our D6 campaign here a couple of years […]

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Che Rohn

Jegergryte’s Crew

Some months back, I drew some player characters for Jegergryte‘s Edge of the Empire RPG player characters. I pushed my digital painting abilities, exercising my skills so they would be closer to what they should be if I am to land better freelance art jobs. Jace Maverick is a swashbuckler with a vibrorapier and a charming smile. I thought I’d give him a costume design resembling the Naboo Security Force’s. Thracken “The Kraken” Artox is a grimy Rodian gadgeteer with a cyborg eye and a MerrSonn Type-434 “DeathHammer” heavy blaster pistol which obviously has been through a lot. Doc Ariela Mengalic a.k.a. Ghia Necil Zilar is a Colonist / Doctor. She has a Tenloss DXR-6 disruptor rifle, a medpac on her hip and a bandoleer of ready-to-use stimpacks. Walian “Blue” Mothma is a human Force sensitive assassin who wields a BlasTech A280 blaster rifle, with a underslung grenade launcher.   […]

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Squeak, Claire and Dutch

SWAG: Squeak, Claire and Dutch

I love it when children play RPGs. Their young imagination make any game soar. If there’s any way to help introverted children to help express themselves more and be better speakers, I would always recommend parents to run tabletop RPGs for them. This was why I immediately took this request on the Star Wars Artists’ Guild, which was requested by Juanflaco. He gamemastered a Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG game for his children, ages 12, 9 and 7. The 12-year-old plays Claire, the young teenager on the run from Tatooine. The 7-year-old plays R2-79 a.k.a. “Squeak”, Claire’s astromech droid. The 9-year-old plays Dutch an amnesiac former Clone pilot who has to protect the two. Click here for the forum request. Click here for the SWAG art post. Click here for a larger image at DeviantArt.

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Snivvian Lovers

Snivvian Long Distance Lovers

Derf requested a pair of Snivvian lovers for his Star Wars RPG campaign. He plays a Snivvian student on Coruscant who has a long-distance relationship with a holodrama scenist back on Cadomai. Painted in monochome digitally with MyPaint, and coloured using GIMP 2.8. Click here to check out the image (as well as Ryan’s “DAWWWW”) on DeviantArt.

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Badji Hida

Two More SWAG Pickups

Two more Star Wars Artists’ Guild player character art pickups. I love picking up these requests once in a while for a warm-up sketch before work begins in the morning. Badji Hida is a Devaronian scoundrel requested for oexto‘s Edge of the Empire game. He wields a DL-18 blaster pistol, presumably with aplomb. Mano Vector is a human Special Agent of the Senate Bureau of Intelligence (before it eventually evolves into Imperial Intelligence, shudder). He was requested by one Agent M.

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How to play!

Sabacc Cards of SWAG

Back in 2002, the first iteration of the Star Wars Artsts’ Guild made an exclusive deck of unofficial Star Wars sabacc cards. It was unofficial in that it wasn’t a Lucasfilm-sanctioned project. However, the cards and how it was played used the play description as detailed in L. Neil Smith’s The Lando Calrissian Adventures novel trilogy and West End Games’ Crisis on Cloud City role-playing game supplement. A bunch of SWAG artists contributed artwork for the face cards, including myself. Recently, Bob Rodgers the former Baron Administrator of SWAG reminded me that I have a copy of the SWAG sabacc deck. So I dug around for it and found it. Here are some photos I took of the deck. Oh man, it’s been 10 years? How time flies like an airspeeder.

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That's a lot of guns, maaaan

The Queen of Air and Darkness

The Queen of Air and Darkness is the title of T.H. White’s second novel of his Once and Future King series. In the Star Wars universe, the Queen of Air and Darkness is a sabacc face card that possesses a value of negative two. There was a request on the Star Wars Artists’ Guild by one “Lord Cygnus” of a starship in his Star Wars RPG campaign named The Queen of Air and Darkness which I picked up. The ship is a heavily modified Corellian Engineering Corps YV-545 light freighter and this is how it turned out after about 90 minutes of work: Here’s the original request thread and here’s the final image on SWAG.

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and they lived happily ever after

Revisit: The Vacation is Over

After half a day of house cleaning, I discovered a long lost stash of old artwork. So I thought I’d post some of them on the blog and link to their final versions elsewhere (or on this blog itself if available.) Here are pencils for the artwork for “The Vacation Is Over” piece for the SWAG Member Theme Art Contest from 2006. Click here for the original blog post featuring the final artwork, which includes sparks.

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Jzzzt the Hutt

And Then Some SWAG Character Requests

It’s the couple of days lull before I leave town for Eid-ul-Fitr vacation at the in-laws, so I had some free time to take on some Star Wars Artists’ Guild requests. Here are three character requests I picked up. I used a new Copicmarker Ciao ink brush I just purchased for their line art. Click on their individual links to read their request threads at the forums: Kar’on Quinch Smuggler as requested by vinnie3. *** J’zzzt the Hutt A Jedi Hutt as requested by Viscious the Jester.   *** Doctor Adram Zanedi A Republic Military officer and a physician during the Mandalorian Wars, requested by Jalaila Tarin.  

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Qualtis Majint

A Reluctant Jedi

Remember Admiral Tarn Majint from a couple of posts ago? Here’s his daughter Qualtis Majint – with her blue robes and her blue-bladed lightsabre – who definitely does not resemble Bill Nighy in any way. Like any self-respecting character in any Star Wars RPG campaign, she loves thermal detonators. A SWAG request by Jan Tolbara for his wife’s RPG character on her birthday. Made with GIMP. Click here to view (and download) a larger image.

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A Kubaz Majordomo

Here’s another SWAG request I picked up. Derf requested a Kubaz majordomo character by the name of Rbarindan, with “many friends and relations in low places”. His species is the same as Garindan, the spy who shadowed Luke, Ben and the droids in Mos Eisley on their way to the Millennium Falcon in the first Star Wars movie. Click here and hit the image there to see (or download) a larger version.

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Admiral Tarn Majint

An Imperial Fleet Admiral

I picked up a SWAG request from Jan Tolbara for a character named Tarn Majint, an Imperial Admiral. He is visually inspired by the actor Bill Nighy, but without the pirate hat and the tentacled face. Of course, a tentacle-faced Imperial officer isn’t that much of a stretch for Star Wars. Click here and hit the image to see (or download) a larger version.

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An Anomid

An Anomid Tech Specialist

Anomids are aliens which have no vocal cords in the Star Wars galaxy. Over millennia, they developed and communicate with each other via an elaborate sign language using their six-fingered hands. However, when communicating with the galaxy at large, Anomids wear a voice synthesiser mask which allows them to speak to other species. This RPG character artwork of a teenaged Anomid tech specialist was requested by “Michael” at the Star Wars Artists’ Guild forum. Click here to access a larger image on DeviantArt.

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