AOR: It Could Have Easily Been A Hundred Anzellans Instead

Session One actual play report from the Star Wars Day event at Here Be Dragons My.

The crew of the YT-1300 Decade Pigeon

The crew of the YT-1300 freighter Decade Pigeon a.k.a. Century Eagle

The Pigeon Flaps In

Zal Artha (Ace), Oskara (Bounty Hunter), Vendri (Spy but Wildlife Holographer), Tendaar (Engineer) and Narawan (Grey Jedi Guardian) travel to Mos Espa, Tatooine aboard their YT-1300 light freighter Decade Pigeon. The Rebel troubleshooter team has been sent by General Rieekan at Echo Base, Hoth, to pick up a crate of fruit. The Rebel Alliance is presently building up Echo Base after they evacuated their previous base.

The ship flies under the fake BoSS ID Century Eagle. The crew has painted her hull grey with iridescent racing stripes.

Together, they walk to Warm Foods Inc. after touchdown in Landing Bay 2 in Mos Espa and arrive at a quiet storefront. The facade is totally enclosed. Tendaar presses a button to open the door.

A problem appears (upon a Dark Side Destiny token flip): An Imperial sandtrooper is harassing the Duros receptionist at the front desk. They manage to not attract the attention of the Imperial and slowly head to the back. Warm Foods owner Mr Jonas greets them at his office. He has been expecting them but is hesitating to hand over the crate because of the sandtrooper up front.

After Narawan persuades the trooper to leave and investigate an incident elsewhere, Mr Jonas relents.

He brings them to the warehouse storage at the back of the building. Jonas provides them a refrigerated crate mounted on a repulsor unit. But sharp eyes spot a strange glyph stencilled on its side and accept it anyway.

Clay Pigeons

As they push the repulsorcrate out the back of the building, Oskara spots a Twi’lek resembling her missing sister across the street! The Twi’lek woman disappears into an alley. Oskara wanted to find out if it is her sister, so the team decides to take a breather at the local Spacebucks with Oskara and Zal investigate the alley.

Using his datapad and personal knowledge, Tendaar realises that the glyph means “HERE” in the local Jawa language! Why is the crate marked? Who is it marked for? Is the crate booby-trapped? Using enhanced macrobinoculars (flipping a Light Side Destiny token) the team peers through the crate housing and detect shapes of meiloorun fruits in it. They decide not to open the crate.

Oskara & Zal return emptyhanded. The bounty hunter decides to put the mission first. Perhaps they could return to investigate later.

Pigeon’s Eye View

They all head to the Decade Pigeon. As they walk, they notice Jawas on the rooftop observing them despite Vendri’s jacket covering the crate.

Narawan climbs up to the rooftops into overwatch position. He spots Jawas scurrying around on other rooftops. Also on the street below, a squad of four sandtroopers approaches the team. Narawan warns them via comlink, but the team decides to calmly let the squad pass.

Suddenly, Narawan spot three figures running from a shop front towards the team. The creatures chatter excitedly, surrounding the team. At first they think of chasing them away. But then Tendaar translates their difficult language: The Jawas need their help to leave Tatooine. They discovered something important and now the Empire is after their family.

Two sandtroopers from the four hurry over to them to rescue them from the accosting Jawa. When asked, the team tells them all is well and successfully (rolls a Deceit skill and) persuade them to look into a Jawa-caused commotion in another street! When the Imperials are gone, they ask the Jawas where their family is.

Narawan is rejoining the team from the rooftops when the lead Jawa whistles and 25 Jawas appear from the street. They all rush into the Decade Pigeon.

Cat Among Pigeons

As Zal preps the ship for take off, Tendaar plots the jump back to Hoth. Vendri takes holos of the Jawa in the ship for his holograph records. They marvel at the machinery aboard the ship. Some Jawa toddlers almost hit the jettison escape pod button. There is a slight drama when the adult believed Narawan to be a speciesist, but she wins them back by befriending a baby Jawa — using the Force. The baby Jawa loves her, so all the adult Jawas accept Narawan again.

Zal lifts the ship off Landing Bay 22. Narawan (follwed by baby Jawas) and Oskara climb into the turrets. Tendaar is besid Zal, making the calculations for the hyperspace jump. However, the Imperial Star Destroyer Obdurate reverts from hyperspace near them. The capital ship hails the ship, but Zal is able to talk them out of an inspection — by using the same story they pull on the sandtroopers earlier. And then the Decade Pigeon jumps away safely.

The Pigeon Flies the Coop

General Rieekan debriefs the Jawas who in fact do have critical intelligence about a Imperial operation. Meanwhile, the Alliance thanks the crew of the Decade Pigeon, help repair their ship and pay them in cash for their work. The adventure continues…


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