Force and Destiny: Yet Another Senator’s Daughter Is Kidnapped?

Session Two actual play report from the Star Wars Day event at Here Be Dragons My.

The crew of the YT-1300 Space Star Falcon

The crew of the YT-1300 freighter Space Star Falcon

A team from Massassi Base on Yavin 4 consisting of Captain Pash (Smuggler), Lowhrrick (Wookiee Hired Gun), Imelda (Jedi Guardian), Dao (Jedi Mystic) & 41-VEX (Droid Colonist) is sent to Cloud City, on the gas giant planet Bespin to rescue an abducted daughter of a senator. The senator has pledged to the Rebel Alliance if they rescued the girl.


While approaching the landing pad on Cloud City, the YT-1300 freighter Space Star Falcon is shot at by a missile. Sitting in the ventral cannon, Imelda immediately spots it (with a Triumph on Vigilance). She shoots but misses (because of a Gunnery skill Failure). The missile strikes the ship and her shields absorb the damage. However, the Pash lands roughly & breaks the Falcon‘s landing gear. No other attacks happen.


Fire control droids arrive to spray foam over the ship. The team decides to split up. VEX will attempt to find a ship mechanic while the others head for the Grand Bespin Hotel where Alliance Intelligence has determined that the girl is on the 5th floor, Room 79. At the hotel, the concierge tells them to avoid the 5th floor because of problems there with a strange guest. Lowhrrick leads them to the restaurant/bar to learn more information.


Meanwhile, VEX finds a skeevy starship mechanic because he is unfamiliar with Cloud City. He fails haggling for price & come away empty-handed. He decides not to engage the mechanic’s services. Disappointed, he heads to the hotel to regroup with the others.

There, he finds Captain Pash sweet talking the bartender for two boxes of pizza and information. Elsewhere, he also sees Dao failing to eavesdrop properly on other guests, who now think he is some creepy stalker stalker. He retreats from the guests quickly.

Soon, they befriend a cleaner droid T7-J who tells them that there are unsavoury guests in Room 79 who has been scaring others away near there.

It is now time for a closer inspection.


With T7 & 2 boxes of pizza, they all head for the central lift cluster of the hotel.

While they wait, four Imperial troops joined them. VEX enters the lift cab first. Then the troops follow him in, separating him from the rest of the team.

The door closes with VEX & the troops inside. In the lift, one of the trooper ask VEX’s purpose in the hotel, VEX failed to persuade him that he is the hotel’s cleaner droid. They exit at the 5th floor as the inquisitive trooper draws his E-11 blaster on VEX.

Meanwhile they all file into a second lift cab. Before the door shuts, a huge, smelly Hutt undulated into the lift. His spoor lit up the cab. The lift journey seems to take forever. He finally  exited at the 4th floor and thankfully no one (especially Lowhrrick with his sensitive nose) pukes. (Everyone succeeds a Stamila check thankfully.)

Soon they reach the 5th floor where the Imperial troops are questioning VEX at the curving corridor by the external window. Pash steps in but fails to convince them that VEX was his droid. Then Imelda also steps in. She told them that she heard an anti-Imperial droid in the lobby downstairs. The troop believes her and rush down together to find the droid! (A successful Deceit roll!)

As they all file past room 79 Dao (using his Force powers) senses a child within with another adult.


They rendezvous with T7 in a maintenance room. VEX plugs in with his scomp link & slices into the hotel security network. He taps into the visual feed and spots the kidnapped girl in distress. She is crying and facing a man in black cloak. The holo also shows that behind the crying girl is a potted plant & an air ventilation grille.

They hatch a plan! Imelda tries to deliver pizza to the room (with the pizza Pash obtained from the bar).

The man in black — who has red & black tattoos on his face — answers the door & tries to shoo Imelda away. But she is able to convince him to accept the pizza. (With a successful Deceit roll) Imelda tells him that the pizza is from someone who admires him. Miraculously, the fierce looking warrior is taken in by the story!

Meanwhile, Pash has been crawling in the air vent. When the man in black’s is occupied by the pizza and the story of a new admirer, the smuggler jumps in and grabs the girl (with a successful Athletics check) through the vent & escape back to the maintenance room.


They all retreat to the lift lobby. Being last to flee, Imelda hears the man in black yell in rage through closed doors of Room 79. They all hurry downstairs, down the lift, past security & rush with the girl for their ship. Pash leads the retreat, but (thanks to a bad Streetwise check) he gets lost in the city. They lose time.

When they finally reach the landing pad, five dark figures block their path to the Space Star Falcon. One wields a red-bladed lightsaber and another a rocket launcher.


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