Buster Gundam

Buster Gundam – Gundanium Builds

Irfan’s first gunpla was a Buster Gundam once upon a time. Sadly, Irfan is unable to find that model except for various limbs and weapons. So, he has bought a new and a more current manufacture of the Buster Gundam. This build is now the second Gundanium Build video released on YouTube. If it is not too much out of the way, please feel free to view, like and subscribe.

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Core Gundam and Veetwo

Irfan’s Gundanium Builds

Irfan has established a new YouTube channel that will showcase his Bandai gunpla builds. The channel is titled Gundanium Builds. Here is his first video: a build of the Core Gundam (G3 Color) and its Veetwo Unit which combines into the PFF-X7/V2 Veetwo Gundam. Click on the video to watch it. Also, subscribe if you will! 

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A celestial being

A Little Seraphim

During the plague year, Irfan rediscovered his drive to build Gundam plastic models. He decided to purchase a GN-009 Seraphim Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam 00. It was smaller than the usual Gundam as it was part of the Seravee Gundam. This mobile suit which belonged to the private paramilitary organisation Celestial Being only showed up for a few seconds in an episode of 00. Only thing for Irfan to do now is to get a Seravee so they could dock together.

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Endlessly waltzing

Sandrock Custom A Year Overdue

Irfan was very committed to studying and working hard for his SPM examination last year. He was so committed that he put off building a gunpla that he bought early 2019. Just like that, his passion for gunpla building returned and before too long, he had the XXXG-01SR2 Gundam Sandrock Custom (Endless Waltz version) completed, curved giant swords and all. I believe he found the semi-quarantine circumstances quite conducive for building Gundam models.  

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Weapons ready

Sinanju Assembled!

Irfan had presented me with a Super Deformed Sinanju (MSN-06S) gunpla for me birthday a couple of weeks earlier, and I did not have the time to sit down to assemble it… until tonight. Both Irfan and I worked on it until it was complete. In the above pic, you can see it back-to-back with the SD RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee. I discovered that it is quite the robust figure and decided that will adorn my table at work in the future as the Second Coming of Char.

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Fare thee well

Lost in Translation

We had two weeks to spend in Kuala Lumpur because of my course. Let’s get the unpleasantness out of the way first: I had the flu for two days in the first week, then three in the second. It was unpleasant not just because I felt like a popsicle all day but also because it was expensive, but I did not miss a day of class. During the weekend that marked the midpoint of our adventure in KL, we spend the night at Kak Nor’s house where Irfan played to his heart’s content with his cousins! On Sunday, I went to continue the Modesty Blazing Star Wars Edge of the Empire campaign, picking up where we left off 14 months ago when I still lived in the city. Ain and Irfan bought a Corellian VCX-100 freighter which I put to good use during the game earlier. So the intensive translation […]

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Only posing

Set Course For The City

And so it was that the workplace booked me on a two week course. The course was to be held back in Kuala Lumpur. You know the city: Irfan’s kampung. We drove southbound and spent the night in Sitiawan before continuing on to Kuala Lumpur after a breakfast with Irfan’s Atok and Opah. We stopped at Sekinchan at a restaurant where lunch was to be had on what appeared to be a kotatsu. A novel thing, and it helped that the food was delicious. We arrived in the city and headed for Cikma’s place where we rendezvoused with every sibling of Ain (and their family) where Irfan was reunited with his cousin Aiman once more. Then after, we headed for the building where the course was held way across town from Cikma’s place. Ain had discovered that the place had accommodations for course attendees and they were affordable. Because of […]

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Needs moar swords. Seven swords needed

Increments in Double Zero

Fiction is how ideas can be put forward to make one think. I use many methods to help develop Irfan’s thinking skills – although I have no clue if they work efficiently. A lot of fiction for children, when they involve conflict will usually gravitate to an environment with two sides: the right side and the wrong side. You know the cartoon shows. The bad guys make life difficult for the good guys, and the good guys have to surmount this difficulty to achieve some measure of victory. Mobile Suit Gundam 00 however has a number of sides. Each side has those with a moral conscience and those who are assholes. Even the side that the protagonists are on has factions that are morally reprehensible. So I hope the lesson taught is not to see the person for his uniform or the colour of his skin, but to his intentions […]

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The one with the no-Graeter’s Ice Cream Cake party

Thirteen days after Adik’s third birthday, we had a small party for friends and neighbors.  [[image:2015_adik3rdbday02.jpg:Excited about the party!:center:0]] * Mouse over the pictures for captions In the morning, we take a short break during the frenzied preparation for the party. I had just returned from my first solo trip away from Vin and the kids that Friday night and Sunday afternoon was the party. You can imagine the crazed amount of clean up and food preparation and whatnot that had to happen. [[image:2015_adik3rdbday01.jpg:Happy together during the break:center:0]] And then it was time for the festivities! [[image:2015_adik3rdbday03.jpg:Papa lights the candle:center:0]] [[image:2015_adik3rdbday04.jpg:Happy Adik while we all sing the Happy Birthday song:center:0]] [[image:2015_adik3rdbday05.jpg:Deep breath in!:center:0]] [[image:2015_adik3rdbday06.jpg:The candle was blown out in one go!:center:0]] And if you noticed, this is not our usual Graeter’s ice cream cake. The Graeter’s location in Springboro that had been our usual Graeter’s had been closed down, and […]

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Rafe’s 36 Month Birthday (And he is 3!)

And so, the boy is now 3 years old! Or as he would say it, “thwee” 🙂 [[image:2014-adik36month-32.jpg:A beautiful smile on my not-so-babyish-anymore baby boy:center:0]] * Mouse over the pictures for captions To be in line with how I did Yaya’s blog entries, this will be the final one of Adik’s entries that document how he spent his day. Instead, from next month onwards, Adik’s entries will be more of a round-up of the month with fewer photos taken from the entire month. I feel a little bit sad as I’m writing this, since this will really be the last one of these kinds of entries, but it is time. Adik is three. We will keep to a shorter format with favorite photos from the month. Like Yaya’s entries are now. Second announcement, I suppose as a way of overcompensating for the fact that this will be the final long […]

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77 Months

77 Yaya-filled months! [[image:2014-yaya77month-05.jpg:Happily making use of her “lumps of coal” Christmas present:center:0]] Unlike some children, Yaya was completely happy to play with her “lumps of coal” Christmas present. She made a drawing of a cat using various charcoal pieces on regular printer paper. * Mouse over the pictures for captions  So December was very busy and filled with fun and activities. We did not have to go anywhere for work but Jo, Vin’s sister came to visit and stayed with us for two weeks so we had a ton of fun with her. We took Jo to Elkhart to visit with Becky and her family for a few days and had such a great time. More on that visit and the pictures from it here (stay tuned for an active link). I did have to do some work from home, but I tried to get up early and get […]

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The One with the Party and the Forgotten Cake

So two weeks after Adik turned two, we had a small gathering at our house with friends and neighbors. [[image:2014_adik2ndbday07.jpg:Birthday boy happily riding Rocky the Rocking Giraffe:center:0]] * Mouse over the pictures for captions It was a fun time and we got to hang out and catch up with people. Adik had had a good 2-year checkup, weighing 29 lbs 4 oz (75th percentile), and measuring 36 3/4 inches tall (99th percentile). So anyways, here are some pictures at the party:  [[image:2014_adik2ndbday01.jpg:Presents!:center:0]] [[image:2014_adik2ndbday03.jpg:Starting to open the presents:center:0]] [[image:2014_adik2ndbday02.jpg:The guys:center:0]] [[image:2014_adik2ndbday06.jpg:Yaya chatting with the ladies:center:0]]  The kids do not wait to play with the presents: [[image:2014_adik2ndbday04.jpg:Adik rides Benny the Bull in his new Mickey Mouse slippers:center:0]] [[image:2014_adik2ndbday05.jpg:Yay! Rocking giraffe!:center:0]] [[image:2014_adik2ndbday08.jpg:The kids with the 11th Doctor Who Mr Potato Head:center:0]] So, you ask, where are the pictures of the children crowded around a birthday cake with lit candles? Where are the adorable […]

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Rafe’s 24 Month Birthday (aka Second Birthday)

And so the boy is now two years old! The big T-W-O! Twenty-four months have passed so quickly! [[image:2013_1229_rafe03.jpg:Angel baby:center:0]] * Mouse over the pictures for captions So I was looking at Yaya’s 24 month entry to see what kind of things she was up to, and to see pictures of her as a two-year-old. One thing jumped right out – Yaya only had eleven teeth at age 2. Very different from her little brother who probably has close to his quota of twenty milk teeth! It really is interesting to note the differences between the children, both in physical developments as well as interests. Speech status: Adik is trying to speak in full sentences more and more. For example, he has changed from just saying “Have it?” to ask for something to now saying “Let me have it”. We hear “No, YA-YA!!” all the time and he now thinks […]

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