Grey, semi-opaque with glitter

Gift Dice at Work

As featured elsewhere on this blog, I run The Laundry RPG sessions for my colleagues at work. There are two more sessions – at this time of writing – that I have yet to produce actual play write-up articles on. I expected my players to have fun, and perhaps uncover new teaching and learning methods from our sessions. One thing […]

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Lockdown dice

Outbreak Measures

Malaysia has begun a 2-week movement restriction period throughout the country because of the Covid-19 outbreak. All teaching and university work has been suspended though the team kept in contact all day via Telegram. I spent the entire day with Ain and Irfan at home. I do have tasks to complete, knowledge to learn at home, which means I am […]

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Ready for Star Wars too

And A Dice Tray Too

Yesterday, another package came in the mail all the way from China. It was the order for my first ever dice tray. Before the days of Lazada, the cheapest dice tray (only found on Etsy) would set me back for hundreds of Malaysian Ringgits (MYR). This one cost me just under MYR20. No fancy designs, but affordable. Here are photos […]

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The dice bounty

The Dice Motherlode

Lazada offered 15 sets of polyhedral dice of various colours online for about sixty local bucks including shipping. It even threw in a velvet dice bag which could be of benefit. In any case, Here are pictures of the colourful dice that arrived at the office. These dice will serve me well with games like Eclipse Phase, The Laundry and […]

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Two hues, two sets

Irfan’s New Dice

I tried ordering some cheap dice from Lazada several weeks ago for Irfan. The new set with his old purple set he bought in Subang Jaya. Haven’t tested them in salt water for perfect balance yet, although random rolls did not result in any numbers that turned up significantly more than others. At least not yet.

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