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Goodbye Google Plus

G+, You will be missed. Hundreds of friendships blossomed over there. Many carried over to other social networks. Once I attended Google’s gMalaysia Conference. There, I spoke a bit on Google Plus as the primary platform for my freelance illustration work. Here are some of my old G+ entries just for kicks.

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The schoolmate

gMalaysia Conference

Earlier today I attended an event organised by Google Malaysia called the gMalaysia Conference. It would be great to learn more about how Google products can help with my illustration business. Integrated with my Android smartphone, it’s already a indispensable tool for marketing and communications for my work. The schedule for the track I was on was displayed on this screen. Stuff happened. And no, this had nothing to do with patrons of wet markets. Everywhere I go to I’ll bump into old school friends. In this case, I met fellow tech junkie and professional photographer John Ling. During the marketing talk, I outed myself as using Google+ as a marketing tool by raising my hand and the speaker asked me to describe my experiences. For that, I received this set of Google Malaysia swag. It was a memorable day and I hope more people would be able to attend […]

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