The crew of the YT-1300 Space Star Falcon

Force and Destiny: Yet Another Senator’s Daughter Is Kidnapped?

Session Two actual play report from the Star Wars Day event at Here Be Dragons My. A team from Massassi Base on Yavin 4 consisting of Captain Pash (Smuggler), Lowhrrick (Wookiee Hired Gun), Imelda (Jedi Guardian), Dao (Jedi Mystic) & 41-VEX (Droid Colonist) is sent to Cloud City, on the gas giant planet Bespin to rescue an abducted daughter of a senator. The senator has pledged to the Rebel Alliance if they rescued the girl. Landing While approaching the landing pad on Cloud City, the YT-1300 freighter Space Star Falcon is shot at by a missile. Sitting in the ventral cannon, Imelda immediately spots it (with a Triumph on Vigilance). She shoots but misses (because of a Gunnery skill Failure). The missile strikes the ship and her shields absorb the damage. However, the Pash lands roughly & breaks the Falcon‘s landing gear. No other attacks happen. Looking Fire control droids […]

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The crew of the YT-1300 Decade Pigeon

AOR: It Could Have Easily Been A Hundred Anzellans Instead

Session One actual play report from the Star Wars Day event at Here Be Dragons My. The Pigeon Flaps In Zal Artha (Ace), Oskara (Bounty Hunter), Vendri (Spy but Wildlife Holographer), Tendaar (Engineer) and Narawan (Grey Jedi Guardian) travel to Mos Espa, Tatooine aboard their YT-1300 light freighter Decade Pigeon. The Rebel troubleshooter team has been sent by General Rieekan at Echo Base, Hoth, to pick up a crate of fruit. The Rebel Alliance is presently building up Echo Base after they evacuated their previous base. The ship flies under the fake BoSS ID Century Eagle. The crew has painted her hull grey with iridescent racing stripes. Together, they walk to Warm Foods Inc. after touchdown in Landing Bay 2 in Mos Espa and arrive at a quiet storefront. The facade is totally enclosed. Tendaar presses a button to open the door. A problem appears (upon a Dark Side Destiny […]

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Thanks once again to Hanna for inviting me for this fun event. It was truly very educational...

Star Wars RPG on Star Wars Day 2024

“May the Fourth Be With You.” The wish can seen thrown around all over the place on the 4th of May every year among Star Wars fans. Likewise this year, friends on various social media platforms are wishing to and fro across the internet. Sometimes, I forget how much of a cultural juggernaut Star Wars is. The Star Wars Day event at TTDI Here Be Dragons MY, the board game and tabletop RPG shop in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail where I ran Star Trek Adventures last December, invited me for an event this year! I was a speaker for a talk/workshop and GM for a Star Wars Day event there. Irfan and I booked a hotel at SS21 so we would not have to travel 60 klicks for the event. He was very instrumental in helping me organise and set up. Plus, Irfan joined as a player in the second […]

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USS Östergötland NCC-72227

STA: Emergent From the Depths

Star Trek: Emergency Deep S01E15 “Emergent From the Depths” Dramatis Personae Capt Greg Ellison – Human Commanding officer (Dan) Dr. Patrick Troughton – Human Chief Medical Officer (Doug) Lt Galinha – Tamarian Chief Operations Officer (Ivan) Stardate: 58564.8 July 26 2381. Location: Within the shell of the Jenolan Dyson sphere. The Norway class NCC-72227 USS Östergötland awaits anxiously in the underwater tunnel far behind the shuttle Kuakamoku Rock. The Type-9M aquashuttle approaches the derelict Tosk ship they were looking for, with Executive Officer Commander Morpheus Drake (NPC’ed this session) piloting. With him are Dr. Patrick Troughton and Lt. Galinha. Swimming alongside the Kuakamoku Rock is Beluga whale Chief Science Officer Lt. J.G. John Hippocampus (also NPC’ed this session). The Away Team has navigated their way through a connecting tunnel filled with huge, giant crystal shards to reach another tunnel. A blue glow permeates everywhere. Before the Kuakamoku Rock, blocking part of […]

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