Quest RPG at UniMAP in 2023 with GM Danial

Quest RPG at UniMAP

It is now the semester break and with help from my colleagues, I was able to organise a Tabletop Roleplaying Game Training Workshop (Bengkel Latihan Permainan Penglipur Lara) at the office. Usually I had to both organise and run the game, which means more time for game prep. Thankfully, this time I was joined by our guest GM from Penang, Ahmad Danial A. Ghafar. One day, Danial searched for application of RPGs in education in Malaysia and came across my MAHSA University talk. He reached out and I discovered he has the same aspirations to use RPGs as a tool for teaching and learning. So, I invited him to run a game for our workshop. We had five participants, Farah, Mastura, Mimi, Hasmizan and Faizal. The first two have played in games I GMed before, but the rest were new to the game. Danial decided on using Quest, the RPG […]

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Hishgraphics H

My Interview at Epic Level Artistry

I gave an interview to Tristan Tarwater of Epic Level Artistry at the Troll in the Corner site. Here is an excerpt: Do you find yourself more drawn to drawing locations or people? Do you have them fleshed out before you bring pencil to paper (to use an old idiom) or do the ideas and the image kind of grow side by side? Thanks to a lot of practice, I’ve done a lot of characters, but I also do a lot of creatures, gear, vehicles, robots as well as scenes. Sometimes I plan it out. Sometimes it just comes to life on paper – or screen – naturally without a lot of thought. More so of the latter when there’s capybara blood mixed with kumquat juice. Click here to read the whole thing!

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The rear face of all the sabacc cards

2002 Interview at the Star Wars Artists’ Guild

Interviews with the staff illustrators were some of the contents that we planned as the original Star Wars Artists’ Guild was being developed. The current incarnation of the site does not have the old interviews, which were fun and had a running gag of people hiding behind curtains throughout. Here is a copy of the interview that Derek Jones did with me, which was the second interview to be featured on SWAG: DJ: I’ve spoken with our first featured artist, Khairul Hisham, a fantastic artist from Malaysia that we are proud to have as a Guild Member. His style is greatly reminiscent of the artwork found in WEG sourcebooks and it turns out, he’s a really interesting fellow. KH: I’m glad to be having this interview with you, Derek. It’s not everyday I get interviewed in the Waldorf-Astoria. *sigh* Well! I can dream, can’t I? DJ: Yes, yes you can! […]

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