New phone

Phoning It In

In the last month or so, the battery life of my Samsung phone which I bought over 2.5 years ago shortened and shortened. I thought it was bad when it only had an hour of energy at full charge. In the end it only had about 5 minutes of life at full charge. I had bought a fresh new battery when I was at Langkawi in July and clearly I was swindled. Physically, the phone looked like it had been beaten up by school bullies. The battery looked pretty chubby in the end. I needed to buy a new phone as mobile communications appear to be paramount at work. Thanks to Cik Ma, I finally got a new mobile phone as we rendezvoused at Pasir Mas. Even the photo quality of the phone is superb. Click on the thumbnail above to check out how luminiscent Tok Bah’s yard looks like […]

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