10 Reasons not to go outside

After about a week of rain and snow flurries and overcast skies (luckily it wasn’t too too cold so no snow stuck), Friday was a sunny day. Cold and windy, but the sun was finally out and Vin and I took the afternoon off to go out and spend the afternoon together. Saturday wasn’t a bad day either. But this is what I woke up to this morning and my heart fell.

Let’s not be shy about it. Believe me, I don’t make any excuses – I will say it out loud and say it strong.




I loathe it. I think that snow is the single most depressing thing in the world, and the one reason that I would think about moving. Here are 10 pictures of the scene I saw when I woke up this morning. The first snow of the season that has any kind of accumulation – looks like about 3 inches on the ground. Grrrrrr.

Please mouse over the pictures for captions, ya?

[[image:snow01.jpg:Backyard from downstairs:center:0]]

[[image:snow02.jpg:More Backyard from downstairs:center:0]]

[[image:snow03.jpg:Bush covered in snow by the back deck:center:0]]

[[image:snow04.jpg:Front Yard:center:0]]

[[image:snow05.jpg:Snow in between the tree trunk:center:0]]

[[image:snow06.jpg:Tree and front porch roof, from upstairs window:center:0]]

[[image:snow07.jpg:To the left of the shrub is supposed to be our driveway:center:0]]

[[image:snow08.jpg:Backyard from upstairs window:center:0]]

[[image:snow09.jpg:More Backyard from upstairs window:center:0]]

[[image:snow10.jpg:Back Deck from upstairs:center:0]]

ARGH!!!! We can’t even drive out until Vin shovels the driveway (good grief, can’t even SEE the driveway!!). Sorry Abah, no pictures of the house covered in snow because I don’t want to go outside and I just gave 10 reasons why I’m not! Luckily we went to the grocery store on Friday and we’re set for food and drink for the next week or so. Although hopefully the snow will go soon. Time to check out the weather channel.

Bah, humbug.




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