USS Östergötland NCC-72227

STA: Between a Rock and a Wet Place

Star Trek: Emergency Deep S01E14 “Between a Rock and a Wet Place” Dramatis Personae Capt Greg Ellison (Dan) Dr. Patrick Troughton (Doug) Cmdr. Morpheus Drake (Ivan) Lt Galinha (Ivan) Lt. JG John Hippocampus (Razz) Stardate: 58564.75 July 26 2381. Location: Jenolan Dyson Sphere Grace Under Pressure The heavily modified Norway class NCC-72227 USS Östergötland is 70 meters under the surface of a lake. The lake is on the inner surface of the massive Jenolan Dyson sphere, 8 light minutes in radius. The top hull over Transporter Room 1 on Deck 1 is breached by the bright light burst from the fist-sized crystal on the transporter pad. The hole lets the lake water flood into the compartment, but is held within the transporter pad emergency forcefield. But, its energy is quickly being drained somehow. In the room are Captain Greg Ellison, Tamarian Chief Operations Officer Lt. Galinha, the young Cetacean Chief […]

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