82 Months

82 months of Yaya!

[[image:2015-yaya82month-13.jpg:Yaya and Adik:center:0]]

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I’m feeling pretty proud of myself in that it’s not yet the middle of July (only the end of June) when I’m writing this entry! I will count this as a win! 🙂 May was another full month. We were in Florida for work the beginning of May and we also ended May in Florida. Which was a lot of fun (albeit tiring). I’m trying to keep the pictures in the monthly entries less beachy and have some beach-related entries, but there are a few that may have crept in to this entry because I liked them so much.

Food status: No new foods. ‘Nuff said.

Reading status: Yaya may even be reading some words faster than Adik! Go Yaya! She still spends a lot of time doing art and definitely enjoys doing arts and crafts. She also enjoys doing scientific experiments and hopefully we will encourage her to be all-rounded and try everything (other than new foods, obviously we have not done well there). 

Let’s get to the pictures! Yaya spent a few days painting a big piece of cardboard to be the backdrop of her plays. She painted it to look like outer space with stars and such.

[[image:2015-yaya82month-01.jpg:Artist at work:center:0]]

Like her Pak Yope, she does like to do her large paintings on the floor. For other stuff she tends to either use the piano bench as a table, or sit at the counter.

[[image:2015-yaya82month-02.jpg:And now they are using the backdrop!:center:0]]

I believe Yaya said that they are on Mars (note the red rocks in the front), and Adik is a baby Martian. I am not entirely sure how the baby doll fits into this story.

[[image:2015-yaya82month-03.jpg:Picnic on Mars:center:0]]

Here is Yaya with another of her large projects, she made a city and countryside “play mat” with buildings, trees, rivers, farmhouses, etc. Cars drive on the roads from the city to the country.

[[image:2015-yaya82month-04.jpg:Yaya and her city/county play mat:center:0]]

To add to Yaya’s artistic pursuits, she is scheduled to begin piano lessons the first week we are home in June. She seems quite excited about it.

[[image:2015-yaya82month-12.jpg:Yaya writes a note about piano lessons:center:0]]

Next are a few photos of Yaya having fun with her family:

[[image:2015-yaya82month-08.jpg:Checkers with Adik at a Cracker Barrel:center:0]]

[[image:2015-yaya82month-09.jpg:Set set set with Papa:center:0]]

[[image:2015-yaya82month-14.jpg:Playing with her Adik at home:center:0]]

Finally, some solo shots of the girl taken during the month of May.

[[image:2015-yaya82month-05.jpg:Yaya selfie:center:0]]

[[image:2015-yaya82month-06.jpg:The drawbridge goes up over the Intra-coastal Canal in Fort Lauderdale:center:0]]

[[image:2015-yaya82month-10.jpg:Silly Yaya!:center:0]]

[[image:2015-yaya82month-11.jpg:Love this shot of Yaya:center:0]]

It was a really fun and full month. Yaya is definitely taking to the ocean like a little fish, she can float and dog paddle and is confident in the water. We were even trying stunts like me trying to pick her up by her feet and throwing her up in the air so she can try to spin and stuff before falling back in the water. She’s quite fearless and always up for an adventure. Thank you for being you, Yaya. 

Happy 82-month birthday, baby girl!! We love you!!!

[[image:2015-yaya82month-07.jpg:I just love this artsy shot of Yaya at the beach, and the joy on her face:center:0]]

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