A Sunday Morning Walk

This morning Irfan, Ain and I went for one of our rare morning walks. We took the path through the kampung and circled back to our house through the countryside. I will let the photos do all the describing.


Unripe mangoes

Then pineapples

Unripe pineapples

A fork in the road

The pineapple farm was across from a vast padi field, which was recently harvested

Selkie or something

It’s us

Good place to camp out at night

I have always commented that we need to camp out on this plot of well-manicured land


It’s them

They tried palming something off us

There were also coconut trees, obviously

It’s them again! Click on the image above to expand it.

Kekabu trees

There were kekabu trees!

Ripening Pods

The kekabu seeds were ripening and popping open

What's going on here?

What is gong on here? Click on the image above to expand it

The home team

It’s us again!

Sun in the eye

As we approached our home, the morning sun made Irfan wince

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