A Yaya and Adik Story – April 2012

OK, a second installment of the “choose your own adventure” of Yaya and Adik. This time I did jumble up the order (last time I went chronologically) to make up the story.

Enjoy! Also, feel free to write your own version!

[[image:2012_yayaadikapr_01.jpg:Photo 1:center:0]]

Photo 1:

Yaya: Adik, let’s lie down on the pillow!

Adik: OK, Kak Yaya, but you play nice this time, OK?

[[image:2012_yayaadikapr_05.jpg:Photo 2:center:0]]

Photo 2:

Yaya: Adik, I want to introduce you to someone special. He is my favorite stuffed animal, Purrsley!

Adik: He is cute. I like his nose, so pink and triangular.

[[image:2012_yayaadikapr_07.jpg:Photo 3:center:0]]

Photo 3:

Yaya: Let’s share him, Adik. Now you hug Purrsley (he’s such a good hugger) while I tuck the blanket around us.

Adik: Oooo he’s so soft! And cuddly!

[[image:2012_yayaadikapr_08.jpg:Photo 4:center:0]]

Photo 4:

Adik: And now he’s mine! All mine! Bwahahahahaaaaa! *kicks blanket off*

[[image:2012_yayaadikapr_06.jpg:Photo 5:center:0]]

Photo 5:

Yaya: Adik, that is so not how you share! Purrsley is my stuffed animal. You have Kiki. But today we’re playing together and sharing Purrsley!

[[image:2012_yayaadikapr_02.jpg:Photo 6:center:0]]

Photo 6:

Yaya: I’m going to have to put him over here until you learn how to share with me.

Adik: What!? Give him back! Or I will do my impression of Julie Andrews.. The hills are aliiiiiiiive with the sound of muuuuuusiiiiiiiiiiicccccccc.

[[image:2012_yayaadikapr_03.jpg:Photo 7:center:0]]

Photo 7:

Yaya: Oh Adik, you are soooo cuuuute! Looooooove Adik! Sayaaaaaaanggg Adik!! Huuuuuuuuug Adik!!

Adik: Aw, man! Not this again!

[[image:2012_yayaadikapr_04.jpg:Photo 8:center:0]]

Photo 8:

Adik: I demand satisfaction! *smacks Yaya* Call me cute and hug me again, and we will meet at dawn! Pistol or sword?

Yaya: Aww Adik, you’re only four months old! You’re soo cuuuuuuuuute! Let me give you another hug!


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