A Yaya and Adik Story – February 2012

When we were kids, Hisham and I went through a “Choose your own adventure” book phase. You know, where you read the story and at the end of a chapter, you decide what the character should do. For instance, cross the bridge, proceed to Chapter 5, or take the footpath along the river go to Chapter 7. Wiki says this about it. But I think of it as kind of a watered-down RPG. Perhaps it led to Hisham’s enduring passion (and my old love) for it.

In any case, what does that have to do with Yaya and Adik, you ask? Simple. This entry contains nine photos of a single interaction between the two children. For my version, I have ordered Photos 1 through 9 chronologically. The captions tell my fictional version of the story. But If you were to reorder the pictures, what kind of story could you come up with for these photos?

[[image:2012_yayaadikfeb_01.jpg:Photo 1:center:0]]

Photo 1:

Yaya: I want  to hug you Adik!
Adik: Hmm, should I be worried? Oh, all right, we can hug.

[[image:2012_yayaadikfeb_02.jpg:Photo 2:center:0]]

Photo 2:

Yaya: Sayang Adik! Love Adik!
Adik: This is nice, I should relax and stop being suspicious. I love you, too.. uh.. whu?

[[image:2012_yayaadikfeb_03.jpg:Photo 3:center:0]]

Photo 3:

Yaya: Sayaaaaaaang Adik! Loooooooove Adik! Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuug Adik!!!!!
Adik: Too tight! Invasion of personal space! Maintain a 3 inch perimeter please!! I knew I shouldn’t have let my guard down! Stand down, Kak Yaya!! Stop, or I’ll call the parents!!

[[image:2012_yayaadikfeb_04.jpg:Photo 4:center:0]]

Photo 4:

Yaya: Nooo. I didn’t mean it. I just love to hug you because you’re soooooo cuuuuuuuute! *starts wailing*
Adik: I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Please don’t be upset. You know I can’t take it when you cry!

[[image:2012_yayaadikfeb_05.jpg:Photo 5:center:0]]

Photo 5:

Yaya: Really? Do you forgive me? I didn’t mean to go all Elmyra on you. I promise I’ll be a good girl.
Adik: Really. Stop crying.There, there.  Let’s be friends again.

[[image:2012_yayaadikfeb_06.jpg:Photo 6:center:0]]

Photo 6:

Yaya: Ha! I can’t believe you fell for that again!!
Adik: What? You were pretending to cry? You know I can’t resist your tears!

[[image:2012_yayaadikfeb_07.jpg:Photo 7:center:0]]

Photo 7:

Yaya: There were no tears! I was faking it the entire time! Now take that! I will geram your telinga! Geram it!!!
Adik: Oh no! Help! Police! No, fire! Fire! Evacuate the area, quick! Why are there no parents in sight when you need one? Somebody help me!

[[image:2012_yayaadikfeb_08.jpg:Photo 8:center:0]]

Photo 8:

Yaya: I’m kidding. I keeeed, I keeeeeed.
Adik: You think you can get away with that? Smile and it’s all better?
Yaya: But it’s your fault for being so cute, Adik. I can’t resist you.
Adik: Grrr…

[[image:2012_yayaadikfeb_09.jpg:Photo 9:center:0]]

Photo 9:

Adik: Take that!! *punch Yaya’s jaw*
Yaya: Oh, Adik. You’re only two months old. That’s so cute! Let me give you a hug…


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