After That We Took Some Pictures

A belated Eid Mubarak from Ain’s kampung at Pondok Lubok Tapah, Pasir Mas. We spent a week here, and had plenty of good food to eat. The morning of Aidilfitri, Tok Ma made Nasi Dagang – Terengganu Style – but there are no pictures of that. The second day, Ain made Laksa Johor and there are no pictures of that either.

For most of the rest of the week we didn’t travel out much because of the horrific traffic jams which were practically everywere. We didn’t even go to Kota Bharu, which didn’t mean we didn’t try.

After the Aidilfitri prayers that morning we took some photos. Irfan put on his best action hero intense look.

[[image:eid_pmas01.jpg:Intense Look of an Action Hero:center:0]]

More family photos:

[[image:eid_pmas02.jpg:Irfan with Tok Bah:center:0]]


[[image:eid_pmas04.jpg:Irfan’s maternal family:center:0]]

Later Irfan and I took a walk outside in the yard and the sun gave ample opportunity for good photo shots. A far cry from the eternal haze of Kuala Lumpur, which incidentally was gone by the time we reached home today:

[[image:eid_pmas05.jpg:The Eye Illuminated:center:0]]

[[image:eid_pmas06.jpg:Irfan and the Fallen Jackfruit:center:0]]

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