Aiman Joins Irfan In The Pool

Earlier this month, Irfan’s cousin Aiman came to join Irfan for a quick dunk in the pool. Ain whipped up some bihun goreng with keropok, and off we went to a mini-picnic. Aiman came prepared with arm floats and trunks. At first he eyes the giant bathtub, probably wondering if it was scientifically possible to have a bathtub that big.

[[image:2009-03-aiman-swims01.jpg:… but the trunks are a couple of sizes too big:center:0]]

Then, his dad, also known as Irfan’s Ayah Long, began submergence procedure. Theoretically, he would not be taken to crush depth. Not even on a lark.

[[image:2009-03-aiman-swims02.jpg:10 degrees down bubble:center:0]]

Meanwhile, the elder Irfan orbits his cousin, at the same time having his own brand of fun. Splashing water. Spinning in the pool. Couple of other stuff too…[[image:2009-03-aiman-swims03.jpg:It was a nice, sunny day:center:0]]

Thanks to Youtube, Irfan now knows the Mark Harris style of propelling yourself through the water. It still needs work, though.[[image:2009-03-aiman-swims04.jpg:Irfan makes like a torpedo… and… uh, torpedos… stuff:center:0]]

Somehow, Aiman decides that much water being held together artificially is… unnatural. Creepy. Perhaps, unholy even.[[image:2009-03-aiman-swims05.jpg:I weep for… me:center:0]]

So he sits out the mission and consumes mass quantities of keropok.[[image:2009-03-aiman-swims06.jpg:Munch munch:center:0]]

Ultimately, Aiman is satisfied with the excursion.[[image:2009-03-aiman-swims07.jpg:Am I dry? Good.:center:0]]

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