Alien RPG: The Mei Mei Scenario

And so it came to pass Irfan and I tried a short, simple Alien RPG scenario for the first time when we were at Pasir Mas.

Alien RPG: The Mei Mei Scenario

Hisham, Anya and Irfan at the table

The Alien RPG game in Pasir Mas

Dramatis Personae

  • Irfan plays Dr. Karmo the medic
  • Anya – perhaps the youngest Alien RPG player in the world – plays Mei Mei the kid

Mei Mei was alone, exploring the many dark corridors of the transport ship USCSS Anning Black. That was when she spotted seething dark mass in the shadows of the far side of the corridor. It was one of the alien creatures that had been let loose aboard the ship while most of the passengers were still in hypersleep. It began to creep towards the horrified little girl.

She remembered the laser pointer in her pocket and how it used to distract cats. Then, Mei Mei pointed it to the wall beside the alien while she tried to unlock the door to an adjoining corridor. Indeed, the creature was intrigued by the red dot and followed it.

Mei Mei the Kid

The Mei Mei charsheet

She succeeded in opening the door, but then the alien snapped out of it and lurched for her. Mei Mei (failing her Panic test) suddenly froze at the sight.

But Dr. Karmo appears from the adjoining corridor and pulled her away! Mei Mei hit the button, closing and locking the door. The alien tries to smash through the steel door with a crunch. (Another Panic test and both fails!) She screamed her lungs out because of the sound. Dr. Karmo lost it and dove for cover, but thankfully the door held.

Anya with Alien RPG rulebook

Time for a bottle of milk

Taking a breather, they introduced themselves to each other.

The survival ordeal continues. Will it continue next time Anya is around? Stay tuned.

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