And Then Some SWAG Character Requests

It’s the couple of days lull before I leave town for Eid-ul-Fitr vacation at the in-laws, so I had some free time to take on some Star Wars Artists’ Guild requests. Here are three character requests I picked up. I used a new Copicmarker Ciao ink brush I just purchased for their line art. Click on their individual links to read their request threads at the forums:

Kar’on Quinch

Smuggler as requested by vinnie3.

Kar'on Quinch

It’s Quinch, not Quiche!


J’zzzt the Hutt

A Jedi Hutt as requested by Viscious the Jester.


Jzzzt the Hutt

You wouldn’t want to see this bearing down on you from the sky


Doctor Adram Zanedi

A Republic Military officer and a physician during the Mandalorian Wars, requested by Jalaila Tarin.


Dr. Adram Zanedi

A Republic officer AND a doctor. A good catch, ladies!

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