Art: Love and Heroics in Space

Love and Heroics in Space - bw artwork

Love and Heroics in Space – bw artwork

Believe it or not, this is the first artwork I posted for 2021. I had been rejecting whatever meagre commission requests for a better part of the year. Because I am constantly swamped with work. Thankfully I love the job and my students are awesome, so the work is not unmanageable.

The above artwork is a concept piece for Christopher Mennell’s Love and Heroics in Space game which is still under development. I used Krita to pencil and ink it, then GIMP to give it some effects.

Sometimes I miss doing freelance artwork full time, even if I was not raking in the cash as I do now (Ha!). I think my mental health has taken a lot of beating this past 9 months. So  I need to do more drawings, read more books, sleep earlier to recover.

I really wish this was caused only by the pandemic.

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