Belated Happy Father’s Day!!

Sunday was Vin’s very first Father’s Day! I wasn’t on the ball enough to have gotten him a card, but Allie and I did pick out a couple of gifts for him (which arrived early so Allie was able to model them for Vin on Father’s Day). 🙂

Happy Father’s Day, babe!!! You are the best Papa anyone could ask for, and we both love you.

[[image:allie277a.jpg:Happy Father’s Day, Papa! (And Hippos Go BERSERRRRRRRK):center:0]] 

[[image:allie276a.jpg:Loooooove Papa:center:0]] 

Note: Allie is wearing her new pink Chicago Cubs official onesie (Papa’s Father’s day gift).

Also, a Happy Belated Father’s Day to Abah, Yope and all you awesome dads out there!!!

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