Belated Happy Father’s Day!!

Sunday was Vin’s very first Father’s Day! I wasn’t on the ball enough to have gotten him a card, but Allie and I did pick out a couple of gifts for him (which arrived early so Allie was able to model them for Vin on Father’s Day). ūüôā

Happy Father’s Day, babe!!! You are the best Papa anyone could ask for, and we both love you.

[[image:allie277a.jpg:Happy Father’s Day, Papa! (And Hippos Go BERSERRRRRRRK):center:0]]¬†

[[image:allie276a.jpg:Loooooove Papa:center:0]] 

Note: Allie is wearing her new pink Chicago Cubs official onesie (Papa’s Father’s day gift).

Also, a Happy Belated Father’s Day to Abah, Yope and all you awesome dads out there!!!

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