Birthday Surprise

As Hisham so kindly posted, my birthday was just last Monday, January 29th. It was a really good day, not to mention I began celebrating on Saturday with a small dinner party with friends.

I just wanted to do a quick recap, because as part of the birthday fun, something happened which will change Vin’s and my life!

We begin first with cake. I made Orange Chocolate Chunk cake on Saturday (I was in the mood for chocolate and citrus). The cake is filled with semi sweet chocolate chunks and orange zest. Here’s the cake when it first came out of the oven:

[[image:janbday01.jpg:Fresh from the oven:center:0]]

Then spoon over some orange syrup while the cake is still hot:

[[image:janbday02.jpg:Shiny syrupy cake:center:0]]

When the cake is cooled, cover it with a chocolate ganache:


I also wanted to take the time here to thank everyone for their phone calls, emails, e-cards, cards, IMs, posts, etc birthday wishes. Thanks all y’all! I appreciate you all thinking of me. Especially since I’m so notoriously forgetful about your birthdays (*guilty*). I also received some lovely gifts including these books from Lilian:

[[image:janbday04.jpg:2 Recipe books and a Bread Book:center:0]]


So I’m excited to try out these new recipes, and to read my history of bread in France. All very exciting stuff. But maybe not truly life-changing. Here’s the last part – Vin’s present for me. This was a surprise (not on my birthday surprise, I heard about it on Friday and we went to see it on Friday, but we picked it up on Monday afternoon!).

Anyway, meet the new addition to our family: Tiger Lily Belle.

[[image:janbday07.jpg:Checking out the plants:center:0]]

[[image:janbday08.jpg:Being a bloodhound:center:0]]

[[image:janbday09.jpg:Guitar? Cool!:center:0]]

Her first hour or so, she was just walking around, sniffing everything, looking at everything. A little tense, a little nervous. But then Lily just started relaxing and being incredibly manja.

[[image:janbday10.jpg:Being petted by Vin:center:0]]


[[image:janbday12.jpg:That’s the life!:center:0]]

[[image:janbday13.jpg:Posing sweetly:center:0]]

[[image:janbday14.jpg:What’s that over there?:center:0]]

[[image:janbday15.jpg:Napping on Vin’s legs:center:0]]

[[image:janbday16.jpg:She likes the lamp:center:0]]

Finally, tired out after an exciting day of exploring her new home, here’s Lily tuckered out that night.

[[image:janbday17.jpg:Comfy Cushion:center:0]]

[[image:janbday18.jpg:Tutup mata sikit:center:0]]

Welcome, Lily!

What a lovely birthday haul! Thanks again, everyone for all your good thoughts and lovely pressies.

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