Boy or Girl? DON’T TELL US!

This is Vin’s and my new project. If you can tell the gender, please don’t tell us because we want this to be a surprise, something we will find out after
(s)he arrives in the world. Here’s what (s)he looks like as of today (14 weeks and 3 days), and (s)he weighs 3 ounces:

[[image:likely_macarena.jpg:Facing us, one arm stretched over the head:center:0]]

Doesn’t it look like (s)he’s doing the macarena??

And this one:

[[image:likely_flexing_bicep.jpg:Head down, showing off one arm and fingers:center:0]]

Flexing the biceps?? 😉 (S)he was very active when being scanned, and was just dancing and turning around and around! It was just amazing!

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