Boy or girl? Hehe.. 27 week pics

Yes, indeed, Yaya’s Adik is a boy, inshallah. Here is a of picture of his face from the 27 week ultrasound we just had on Thursday, 6 October 2011.

[[image:adik-06oct2011-face.jpg:Is Adik smiling or frowning?:center:0]]

His weight is now an estimated 2 lb 11 ounces (little over 1 kg) which is average for his age, and his thighbone apparently measured longer than average. Surprise, yeah? 🙂 12 more weeks before we meet him in person, people!

I repeat my wonderment at the pot-bellied people of the world. How do you sleep? Because I for one am very uncomfortable. This time around I am experiencing some pregnancy-related carpal tunnel syndrome in both arms (yes arms, not just wrists) which is a bummer. But otherwise, we’re all doing well.

Adik seems to be more physically active in utero than Yaya was at this same age, and earlier. His favorite hobbies are dancing on my bladder, kicking me in the ribs, and keeping me up at nights. The fun has already begun. 😉

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