Breakfast at Gua Cenderawasih

Sundays can be a great time for picnics. There is no lack of picnic spots here in Perlis if you knew where to look, and we have looked at many over the last three years or so.

We decided to visit Cenderawasih Cave Park. It was close to Kangar so it was not out of the beaten path. Cenderawasih translates to “bird-of-paradise”. Sadly there were none present at the park this morning.

Here are some photos.


We took photos after consuming the nasi lemak that we brought.

Us, Part 2

The rocky foothills were rocky

See-sawing has been a favourite activity of theirs for decades

There was a children’s playground near the cave entrance (which did not extend so deep into the hill).

Us, Part 3

All I can do is spend time with Ain and Irfan, and enjoy our time together.

Us, Part 4

This young man used to curl up and sleep on my lap?

The trees are teak

Irfan stalks a monitor lizard at a nearby water channel.

A big rocky thing

A big rocky thing

Later, he sat on a boulder because it was a cool thing to do.

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