Away Team Alpha

Star Trek Adventures RPG Papermini Generator

I have known Wayne “Scarecrow” Peters since the days of the Star Wars Online Journal for which I was a web layout designer and an illustrator back in the early 2000s. I have kept in touch with him on various social media platforms over the years. I discovered last year that Wayne had created an online paper miniatures generator for the Star Trek Adventures RPG! So I made a bunch of paperminis from it. The generator allows you to design your own characters for Star Trek Adventures. I printed out a bunch of Starfleet personnel in the Deep Space Nice-era uniforms. I plan on running something circa the year 2372 or thereabouts. Wayne’s generator provides the option to create characters of various genders, species (still no Horta though), era-based uniform (even Star Trek: Discovery uniforms) and the division colours of the respective uniform designs. Also, one can also customise the […]

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Duelling Mobile Suits

Gundam Battle on the Dinner Table

Last week I made some Mobile Suit Gundam paper minis for Irfan to play with using pictures downloaded from the Gundam Wiki. He has deviced a turn-based Gundam battle game based on the minis. I arrayed the Anno Domini universe Gundams for a group photo, as can be seen above. Left to right: 0 Gundam, Gundam Exia, Gundam Dynames, Gundam Kyrios and Gundam Virtue. We played a one-on-one battle. My Build Strike Gundam vs. his Unicorn Gundam in a desert environment with boulders and one crater for cover. The Build Strike Gundam stats as written by Irfan. Only D6s are rolled. Weapon damage depletes hit points. The mobile suit is destroyed when its hit points reaches zero. The two Gundams from different universes face off in the crater. After his beam magnum blows my head off so I can’t use my Vulcan cannons, we engaged for beam sabre duel. Both beam sabre […]

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