Cousin Zara Naps On Irfan

Baby Zara Arissa is back home in the Klang Valley for the first time in her life. We went to visit her to see how she was adapting to new environment. She seems to be doing pretty well.

Let's all crowd the baby shall we?

It’s Zara

She had a fun time with her brother Aiman and her cousin Irfan. But she was unable to go out to the playground with the boys, what with her still not foot mobile yet. Irfan returned with a very soiled baju melayu (he had one on since Friday prayers at noon), so he had to borrow Ayah Long’s shirt and kain pelekat for the evening.

This seems comfortable. Stop fidgeting, boy

Irfan becomes a bassinet

Zara thought she’d hang out on Irfan’s lap.


Zara would like to know about quantum entanglement

Oh yes. Her cousin has a very comfortable lap.


Zara loves both the strong and weak nuclear force

In fact, don’t move, cousin, til I’m settled in on your lap.


The sleep, it comes

Very comfortabl… zzzzzz.

Help I can't move

Happy cousin is happy

Irfan was happy that his cousin liked her stay on his lap, though his butt had lost all feeling in the fifteenth minute.

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