DnD: Six Sessions in Six Classes

This happened to Fiercefire

Dire Wolves are dire

Once upon a time I ran five sessions of Dungeons and Dragons in five classes over the course of a week.

Last month, in what purported to be a sequel long overdue thanks to the pandemic, I ran six sessions of D&D in six classes over the course of that week. It was during a Consultation Week. After all the consultations have been consulted, I had an average of  75-80 minutes to run a session. Not much time, so I used the same scenario framework for all six classes. Besides their own character names, I also allowed the students to name the region’s sovereign and their castles.

Because there were many students each class, each player character is controlled by a team of more than one student. I have chosen to post text written by one player characters group from each class.

As usual, please do not disparage the students for their language abilities, they are second language English learners.

Here are the tales of the ensuing adventures:

FTK1: Strong Avengers


Meanwhile at Uniciti

Strong Avengers

Dramatis Personae

  • Hayabusa the human paladin
  • Legolas the elf ranger
  • Kael Volker the elf wizard


  • King Arthur of Castle Hogwarts

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BAHAN2: Divine Protectors


Meanwhile at Taman Muhibbah...

Divine Protectors

Dramatis Personae

  • Ghoul Slip the elf fighter
  • Professor Snape the elf wizard
  • Aurora the human barbarian
  • Sato Kazuma the human fighter
  • Yu Zhong the dragonborn sorcerer


  • Duke Shin Chan & Duchess Himawari of Hat Rabbit Castle

Aurora writes:

Human barbarian who was a former barbarian nomad and raider. Have an excellent memory for maps and geography. They also have a name Aurora. One day, they along with four other groups, namely elf fighters, elf wizards, human fighters, and dragonborn, received the invitation. They went to Hat Rabbit Castle after receiving an invitation from Duke Shin Chan in the Anauroch desert. They were given the task of arresting the bandit who refused to leave the desert. They travelled to the desert in spite of the rain. A sudden landslide occurs, and the elf and barbarian try to escape. However, Yu Zhong moved forward and stopped the landslide by using his cold breath ability to freeze it. They are ambushed in the woods after an avalanche, with no one around to hear or see them. The arrows that suddenly appeared and were aimed at Sato Kazuma were deflected by his shield. The plant monster attempted to attack him, but he attacked the enemy without hesitation. He gracefully avoided the attack and escaped. A bow and arrow were on the ground when they emerged unharmed from the thicket. He quarrels with Ghoul Slip over who gets the equipment. After a dispute, the sliding ghoul prevails. They brought eight bandits to the camp. They made the decision to take a little break while planning a surprise attack at night, and Yu Zhong prepared meals for them. From the north, Sato Kazuma entered the camp. As soon as the bandits arrive to investigate after hearing a noise, he decides to use his strength to spill the barrel and hit them. He then rushed violently in the direction of the bandit camp. He anticipated a confrontation as he observed two approaching robbers, but it turned out that the two were Aurora and Ghoul Slip. He went inside the camp in search of the hostages. By chance, he sets up a situation where he can hear people yelling that the duke is on his way to kill him. They were able to observe helpless parents and kids being held hostage. As he holds his weapons and directs them out of the camp, the captive says that this is indeed their hometown. However, Duke Shin Chan wiped them out. After that, they all finally realized that this was a survival camp rather than a camp for bandits. After discovering the truth, the group immediately asks for forgiveness. The townspeople forgave them because no one was seriously wounded. Right on time, the camp chief arrived. He asked for some help from the group. He told them that something called the seed of life is said to be a miraculous item that can make this place more livable. It might be located at the center of the changing tree. The chief asked for their help in locating a volunteer villager who had suffered injuries during the fight. When the chief gave them the map, they were ready to go to the tree of change and locate the seed of life.

PPIPT1: Tallhouse


Meanwhile in Kangar


Dramatis Personae

  • Aurora the elf fighter
  • Maleficent the tiefling warlock
  • Rolex the dragonborn sorcerer
  • Lucy the elf wizard
  • Vivian the human fighter
  • Lykan the human druid


Rolex writes:

Firstly, the character that we chose is the “Dragon-Born Sorcerer 2,” which we named Rolex. We chose Rolex because it is quite different when compared to other human-based characters. Elf Fighter, Elf Wizard, Human Druid, Trifling Warlock, and Human Fighter are the other characters in the game. This game is actually like a combination of Mobile Legends and Snake and Ladders. This means that the player’s next move is determined by the number rolled on the dice. If the number rolled by the player is high or the same as its “STR, DEX, WIS, CON, INT, CHA,” the player can attack its enemy and move forward. Otherwise, if the lowest number turns up, the player will be attacked by the enemies and lose his chance. “Ponniyin Selvan” is the Duke of Key Castle. To begin, the game is initiated by Vivian, who is a human fighter. My team has totally rolled the dice seven times. The first time we rolled the dice, we got the lowest number and remained in the same place. The second time, we got a slightly higher number and moved forward to kill our enemy. The third time, unexpectedly, we got the highest number and moved forward to Anauroch Desert from Nether Mountain. The fourth time, we also got the highest number, used our cold breath power at night to kill the enemies, and went to the place where they kept the H2SO4 chemical. At that point, we were shocked because the chemical container was empty. The fifth time, Rolex finally entered the cave, giving invitations to other players to come near the cave. After that, Rolex entered the cave with its invisible power and saw many poor people that had been caught by the enemies. In the next roll of the dice, Rolex becomes the dragon again, and the people there are scared by its appearance. The final dice have turned out to be the highest, and Rolex has earned the people’s trust and promised to save them sooner. Last but not least, the enemies learn that Rolex and his team have entered the cave, and they plan to immediately attack the Rolex team.

IKOM1: Mascular Army


Meanwhile in Jejawi

Mascular Army


Dramatis Personae

  • Knight the elf fighter
  • Uwawers the elf wizard
  • Fortune Teller the human fighter
  • Enchantress the drow rogue
  • Spaghetti the half-elf bard


  • Baron Legolas of Castle Maleficent

Uwawers writes:

Baron Legolas asked Mascular Army to gather at Meleficent Castle. He asked them to go to the Anauroch Desert for some mission. Mascular Army consists of several small teams which are Uwawers, Knight, Fortune Teller, Enchantress and Spaghetti. Uwawers have power same like wizard.

The story began when they got mission from Baron Legolas that they need to go to the Anauroch Desert. They know that before arriving there, they have to face various obstacles. With full responsibility and trust, they accept the mission and they believe they are capable of doing it. They start our journey from the castle ground.

Suddenly, they saw enemy from the west. They attacked them and unfortunately the attack was right on the Spaghetti. They were seriously injured. Knight decided to run into the jungle and continue the journey. Uwawers follow them from behind. Even though the Spaghetti was seriously injured, they still didn’t give up. They also continued their journey and followed them running into the jungle. At 4 p.m. they entered and walk in the jungle slowly. The Knight is the leader at that time. They at the front and followed by them. The Spaghetti at the back and the last of them.

Suddenly, they heard something fishy from the back. They thought Spaghetti, apparently not. They can’t see because in the jungle so dark. Uwawers took action which is they use their power. They throw fire ball toward that sound and the fire hit someone and caused the person to scream in pain and finally he was burned and collapsed. They go toward that person and they saw that person clearly but they don’t know who he is. Uwawers took his shield and decided to continued their journey. About 5 p.m. they arrived at the end of the jungle.

They saw the cave about 300m from the jungle. From the jungle, they saw someone front of the cave. That people look so tired and unmanaged. Knight shouted and said that they will save them but that people don’t believe it and go inside the cave back. Around the cave have sulphuric acid. Macular Army don’t know what they need to do. They do the discussion and Uwawers decide want to go closer and Knight, Enchantress want to follow Uwawers. Fortune Teller don’t want to follow them with reason. They want to guide them from the jungle and they will let them know if they saw something fishy.

Uwawers, Knight and Enchantress go inside the cave slowly. They don’t want make people scared of them. About 6 p.m. they enter the cave and saw a lot of people in that cave. All of them are human. Have a lot of children, and old people. They look so scared and so thin. Uwawers used their power that is persuade them to believe that Mascular Army not the enemy and promise to save them. Finally, they believe in the words of Uwawers. They throw their knives and thanks to Mascular Army.

Mascular Army took another action which is they want to know what is going on actually. So, the human told all about what happen to them. Knight used their expertise. Knight have power such as researcher so they can know that human told honestly or not and from that story, that human told them the real story. All of them told that Baron Legolas poured sulphuric acid around the cave. After know all the story, Mascular Army tell them all of the idea and Enchantress persuade them and promise again that Mascular Army will save them.

In the jungle, Fortune Teller wait for their team patiently. Suddenly, arrows come out of nowhere and make them shocked. Fortune Teller put the shield to make protection. Far from them, they can saw a group of horses and soldiers came out. About 300 soldiers getting closer to them.

KOMPUTER1: Fiercefire


Meanwhile at Mechatronics


Dramatis Personae

  • Zilong the human barbarian
  • Legolas the elf fighter
  • Kratos the human fighter
  • Saitama the drow rogue


  • Baron Jack of Castle Rodragon

Saitama writes:

Long times ago, one village that in the deep forest like is on purpose to isolated from the city, there is one of the fairytale to scared the children about some species that living in the ground, they have dark skin pointed ear. With just telling the children about the dark skin the children are already scared to the bone like some ghost story. But the majority in the village do not know the truth about this, only the minority that already adventure to the other city know about this race which is known as dark elf. Dark elf have the characteristic of dark skin, white hair and they live in the subterranean Underdark. This is the story of one dark elf that uses a false identity as Saitama.

Saitama has been trained in the Underdark to be proficient in the assassination using weapons such as dagger, shortsword and many more. But one thing that hinders the dark elf from becoming stronger is that they do not have divine or arcane magical ability that is why they train to the bone to become that master of the weapon. When Saitama has become master of the weapon and knowledge of the outside of the Underdark, he wants to become the adventurer that will accept the task with the payment that satisfies him. After some years in this job Saitama has become famous and known as a night-invisible killer that strikes fear into those who wrong him, but who can earn the respect from him, he will become the supporter.

One day, Saitama has been summoned to the Rodragon Castle that is owned by Baron Jack. He just goes there with no question, this is because he knows that the Baron Jack will not call him just to chit chat, or to punish him. He has known about Baron Jack because he has already been summoned to the castle before this to do some task to kill some enemy of the baron. When he arrived in the hall that was full of baron guards and one chair up the stairs that had been sat down by Baron Jack. He can see some other races such as human barbarian and how he can differentiate between normal human and the barbarian because of the big stature body. Next to the human barbarian is an elf. Dark elf and elf can easily differentiate between them and from the skin colour the elf has been one of the most famous races in the world because a lot of them has beauty that exceeds other races. And unlike the dark elf that lived in the Underdark, elf lives in the forest because of the good infinity with the spirit. So they have been jealous by many races including by the dark elf, but for Saitama he can give no attention to the jealousy of that because for him if is not the obstacle he can give a shit about that. and lastly he can see human fighter and nothing particular about him that standout. one of the majority races in the world is human so it is kind of normal for Baron want to call from his races of human to be some of trusted subordinate, this observation is kind of normal for him because it is kind normal reaction from him after so many the assassination. enough of that now the baron already tell the task is to drive away or kill the thieves, so lets go to the business.

After the introduction that starts with the human barbarian, we know the name and the ability of each other and they form the group with the name Fiercefire. The human barbarian name is Zilong, the human is Kratos, next is the elf is Legolas and lastly is his name Saitama. After the preparation was ready we left the baron castle, and went to the west to Far Forest. When walking in the forest we notice that we have been followed by some monster. After some observation we know the monster is a dire wolf. Zilong went to confront the monster. but everyone else went to hide to ambush the monster. Saitama went to hide behind the big tree. He wanted to see how many dire wolves that followed them, he saw that Zilong attacked the dire wolf by throwing the javelin, it damaged the dire wolf not enough to kill it. Legolas the elf fly from the tree and also attacks the dire wolf, and Kratos that is behind the Zilong also throws the javelin to the wolf. The dire wolf becomes enraged, it attacks zilong by biting the arm. Saitama sees the situation still in control still hiding behind the tree, he can see Legolas’ eye become glow red, Legolas attacks the dire wolf with the big sword that instantly kills it. When the situation becomes calm, Zilong bandages its own arm. Suddenly one arrow struck Saitama’s back. Saitama at the time saw one arrow heading at Legolas, but the arrow passed him. Saitama used a crossbow and shot the arrow between the bush and it hit the pursuit.

The four of us arrived at the cave 200 metres away, and we could see someone standing guard. around the cave we can see a lot of barrels that are filled with acid sulphuric. Beside the guard we can see someone that is 70 years old standing tall with a shield with a symbol like a wave, Zilong is charging forward without discussing the plan with others, Saitama looks at Legolas and Kratos with both of them nodding, we also charge to the cave. Legolas and Saitama can see in the dark so they are in front of the other two. They both can see a lot of people , the look thin and have no weapon. After the four of them discuss, they agreed to ask for some kind of payment and the people in the cave agreed to give them some portion.

After the payment made, they also know why these people in the cave, but suddenly they heard someone shout at outside “Fiercefire we know you in there”. so Saitama take the lead to come out and using the charisma that he have and successfully persuade them not to attack. They take the shot and become the intermediate between them and they resolve the confusion between them.


BAHAN1: Pretty Flashes


Meanwhile back in Taman Muhibbah

Pretty Flashes

Dramatis Personae

  • Anak Syurga the halfling rogue
  • Tok Dalang the dragonborn sorcerer
  • Mat Kilau the human fighter
  • Maverick the elf wizard
  • The Avenger the tiefling warlock


  • King Ashraf of Kellie’s Castle

The Avenger writes:

The Character that we choose was Tiefling Warlock. Our team called Avenger . There are five of us which are the photographer , note taker, researcher, speaker and journalist. Tiefling hexblade warlocks have dark spell swords with naturally enhanced magical abilities. Tiefling warlock also can see in dim light within 60 feet as if it were bright.

One day at Southern of Nether Mountain, The Pretty Flashes have been called by King Asyraf to meet at Kellie’s Castle. It is because King Asyraf has a problem which there are some bandits who try took his land at Anauroch Desert. Therefore King Asyraf gave the order to The Pretty Flashes to find the bandits and whoever make the bandits leave form the Anauroch Desert will get 8000 golden pieces. The characters which are the Human Fighter, Dragonborn Sorceror, Elf Wizard, Halfling Rogue and Tiefling Warlock starting their journey from Kellie’s Castle. They need to pass by a jungle to head to the Anauroch Desert.

On their way in the jungle, there were a mysterious sound from the bushes that no one care to hear. Suddenly one skeleton came out from the bushes and the Human Fighter did not notice that, so the skeleton try to attack Tiefling Warlock from back. Fortunately, Tiefling Warlock has avoid the bloodshed form the skeleton and after that it ran away. Then the 3 skeletons came out of the jungle to attack the Pretty Flashes, so the first character, the skeleton attacked Human Fighter and the Human Fighter had been hurt. After the Pretty Flashes group seen one of the group member been hurt and the Elf Wizard took the fire out to kill the skeletons with the help of Human Fighter which use weapon such as pipe to attack the skeletons until die. Furthermore the Tiefling Warlock and Dragonborn Sorceror hit some skeletons. The Dragonborn Sorceror blast the fire to kill the balance skeletons but the two skeletons escape and ran back into the bushes.

Afterwards, the Pretty Flashes continue their journey to Anauroch Desert. From a far, the Pretty Flashes has notice a cave with yellow ground and some drums filled with H2SO4. They also notice a fire camp and an old man with white beard. After a while, the Dragonborn Sorceror decided to approach the old man. The dragonborn Sorceror asked the old man “Who are you?”,”What are you doing infront of the cave?. Then the old man replied,” I’m here to protect my clan from King Asyraf”. His clan includes 20 babies, 20 old men and 20 women. While the Dragonborn Sorceror and the old man were having conversation to make them believe on each other, the other members of Pretty Flashes was planning to do something. At that instant, Elf Wizard want to step forward in a mindset to approach the old man. The old man has been startled once he noticed Elf Wizard approaching from the jungle. The old man ask “Who is that over there?”. The Dragonborn Sorceror then replied “It’s my friend”.

On that moment, suddenly an arrow was shoot from a far to attack Tiefling Warlock, Human Fighter and the Halfling Rogue. They instantly avoid the arrow,so it hit deep into the tree. They heard a voice far behind them, “The Pretty Flashes have been betrayed the me,I see that they want to help the bandits rather than to claim the 8000 gold pieces”. The Pretty Flashes have been stunned by the arrow and the voice from the forest. They were trying to look in to the forest but cannot be seen.

To be continued…


  • The semester is almost over. We have no idea if we’ll ever continue.
  • I should stress that a group of players play ONE CHARACTER not a group of characters, as could be read in some of the submitted texts.
  • I wish I had a map of the Icewind Dale on hand though.


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