Doomsday Scenarios Galore

Are you feeling too cheerful or happy? Are you feeling that you’ve had enough feeling on top of the world? Are you sick of everyone telling you “The sun is shining! The birds are singing! Everything is smelling of roses!”?

Then check out Exit Mundi, the website that catalogues the various ways the world and/or the entire universe may end, from scientific and religious standpoints. It’ll sure to wipe that smile off your face.

How do you like to read about the accidental extinction of the human race? For example, what happens if genetically engineered crop (actually created in a lab named Epicyte in San Diego in 2002) designed to be a contraceptive, escapes into the real world and are accidentally planted in farms all over the world? We’ll all be eating food that induces infertility by killing all sperm cells.

If you’re interested in space-based threats, what if a black hole wanders into the solar system, misses the Earth by a distance, but throws the planet off its orbit? Or even worse, crosses path with Earth?

So, what’s your poison? Gamma-ray bursts? Uncontrollable nanotech? Climate shift? Mass insanity? Read, and be depressed. (Or not, if you find the humorous writing on the site entertaining.)

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