First Entry From The North

Irfan gives the new home a thumbs up

New house

Here we are at the northernmost part of the country, over a hundred klicks away from the nearest population centre which could be called a “city”.

It awakens! Also, nerd problems

TV first

We live in a kampung, although not in a kampung house.

View from our porch

Looking east

Sunset from the porch

Looking west

There is a mango orchard less than fifty metres away. Beyond the mango orchard is a rice field. Between that rice field and another one a hundred times bigger than it is a canal with plenty of fish.

A far cry from the city.

Path through the rice field

Ain and Irfan

I love the sound of insects at night, the patter of rain on the roof and on leaves of nearby flora, the immediate friendliness of neighbours.



Maybe we're not using the right bait

It’s a canal

I don’t miss city traffic one bit.

This cat will never know KL traffic

Rice field meow

More to come.

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