Giant Purple Dinosaur? Not Really

In the Jann Tosh / Mon Julpa story arc of the Droids series the heroes encounter a 3-metre tall monster called a durkii in a dungeon pit, not surprising since the durkii was apparently a pet of the evil Tammuz-an vizier Zatec-Cha.

It was large, purple and had an unpleasant demeanour, but had no stats.

I hope this entry rectifies that oversight. At least in D6 terms.

[[image:durkii01.jpg:Purple Dino?:right:0]]


Type: Large bipedal predator
Scale: Creature
DEX 2D Bite attack 2D+2 Tail swipe 5D+1
PER 3D Search 4D+2
STR 4D+2 Brawl 5D+1
Special abilities:
Bite: Damage STR+1D
Tail: Damage STR+1
Talons: Damage STR+2

[[image:durkii03.jpg:Playing with Artoo:left:0]]Capsule: The durkii is a large purple-skinned creature that walks upright on two legs and has a tail that ends in a hard, flat surface, which it uses as a weapon against an enemy or a prey. It is known be a fearsome and ruthless predator.

However, it is also believed that the durkii’s raging temper is attributed to the discomfort and pain from the insectoid parasites known as kleex. To the untrained eye, kleex appear to be naturally occurring dark blue bumps on a durkii’s skin.

When a substantial number of the parasites are removed from the durkii’s skin, it stops its rampage and will endear itself to the one that it senses as the person that helped relieve its pain.

Most durkii in the wild have dozens of kleex attached to their skin, which makes wild durkii not very good house guests.

Ah, what the heck. Let’s have the kleex stats on as well.

[[image:durkii02.jpg:A source of pain and discomfort:right:0]]


Type: Insectoid parasite
Scale: Character
Special abilities:
Bite damage: STR+2D (only when provoked when the bite is not intended to be parasitical on a large creature’s skin)
Armour: Increases its damage resistance against external attacks by +2D energy and +2D+2 physical.

Capsule: The kleex usually never attack anything human-sized unless the something human-sized does something asinine like poking a kleex’s soft underbelly with its finger. It usually wanders the underbrush of a jungle looking for a large sleeping creature, like a durkii, to affix itself onto the skin and suck its blood. Its carapace is somewhat tough and sometimes a couple of blaster shots are required to kill a kleex.

Maybe I’ll try to stat the miridon from “The Pirates of Tarnoonga” later.

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