Gungan Slicer, A SWAG Request

[[popup:gunganslicer.jpg:(thumbnail):… with a bad attitude:left:1]]My first official completed SWAG request since this blog went live is done. The artwork was requested by Acheron and he wanted a picture of a Gungan slicer (a Star Wars term for a hacker, is all).

So, here’s a purple skinned Gungan like Captain Tarpals, wearing a headgear with a comlink and a blaster pistol, quickly typing on the keyboard to retrieve some restricted data from a computer database.

Hopefully, he isn’t discovered by guards any time soon.

As a bonus, here’s a SWAG blog (Swog?) entry of the picture taking it through three days as a work-in-progress in this laptop, from its pencil work in Painter Classic to what it turned out to be.

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