Irfan Goes To Cherating

For the Thaipusam / Federal Territory Day holidays, we went for a free night’s stay (plus one extra night of paid stay) at a resort at Cherating in Pahang. It was not realy in Cherating, but further up north towards Chukai, in the seaside hamlet of Chendor. (Don’t ask about all the ‘Ch’ names at the towns there, I don’t get it either.)

It was a resort by the sea, pretty clean, homey and had a relaxing atmosphere. I’m gonna let the pictures tell the stories and I’ll be over there listening to MP3s if anyone needs me.

By the way, the free night stay was an belated anniversary and birthday present to us from Cik Emma. Many thanks to her for booting us out of the house so we can enjoy some fresh air outside the city.

Irfan loved the bedsheets.

Undercover Irfan


After discovering the superb swimming pool, we had to leash Irfan from jumping in immediately because it was in the late afternoon and night was falling.

Checking out the pool

Ummi and son

The fact that the ocean here was rougher and windier than it was in Teluk Batik made Irfan go “Wooo!”

Feigning shock

South China Sea

We certainly never say no to free breakfast.

Next morning's breakfast


Finally Irfan gets to hit the (non-salt water) body of water usually used for recreational swimming.

Hitting the water


We had this picturesque view of the trash outside our window.

View out the window

A van

We finally left the place happy. Next stop, houses belonging to old friends.

Returning to the car


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  1. the “alah malu tapi tak malu” look on irfan’s face at breakfast was priceless.. 😀 happy belated birthday yope and yong, and cik emma, great present!!! 😀

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