Irfan Goes To MIAT

Today Irfan’s youngest aunt, his Cik Su F, enrolled in MIAT. In three and a half years, she will be graduating with a Diploma in Aviation Maintenance Technology (Avionics), with a bunch of skillset that should be more marketable in the aviation industry than my old Licenced Aircraft Maintenace Engineer (Yeah it’s LAME, I know) with Rotorcraft Airframe and Engine specialisation. Irfan was there. Some pictures were taken. Here they are.

[[popup:miat01.jpg:(thumbnail):Ain & Irfan:center:0]]The main hangar of MIAT, with Ain trying to carry a heavy Irfan. Safety first… Albino gorillas second? Charmed quarks second? Click on the thumbnail above to view larger image.

[[image:miat02.jpg::center:0]]As Cik Su F was undergoing the registration process, Ain takes a break from sitting within the Multi Purpose Hall and Irfan takes a break from running around and sweating a lot to take a picture.

[[image:miat03.jpg::center:0]]Ain and Irfan sip ice tea from the MIAT cafeteria right beside the main hangar.

[[image:miat04.jpg::center:0]]Irfan scouts the insides of F’s new locker for boobytraps, dust bunnies and portals to other universes.

[[image:miat05.jpg::center:0]]Irfan makes friends with the local campus feline, a black cat who was laid asleep across his path.

[[image:miat06.jpg::center:0]]The final group photo as everyone prepares to leave F to her doom… er, education.
Happy new year everyone.

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