Irfan Goes To Opah Cu’s House

Earlier this year, when we were in Sitiawan we went Irfan’s Opah Cu’s house in Ipoh, the capital of Perak. As usual, upon arriving at a brand new location for him, Irfan took a dump in his diapers. (That never fails, by the way.) Besides that, he had a lot of fun with his great aunt, his aunt and two uncles. Perhaps this Aidilfitri he’ll find some time to return there.

Hopefully, since it’s not his first time already, he wont crap in his diapers for the visit.

[[image:ipoh01.jpg:Opah Cu’s sliding door:center:0]]A large yard! Much better than the no yard at his own house.

[[image:ipoh02.jpg:Opah Cu’s yard:center:0]]Pak Cu trying to get close to Irfan, who’s still shy at this time.

[[image:ipoh03.jpg:Opah Cu’s bathtub:center:0]]After finding out his steaming pile, we decided to give him a bath.

[[image:ipoh04.jpg:Opah Cu’s bedroom:center:0]]As Cik Emma puts on his clothes, Irfan is unable to contain his excitement for something or other.

[[image:ipoh05.jpg:Opah Cu trying to get Irfan’s attention:center:0]]Finally, back downstairs, he starts to play with Pak Cu.

[[image:ipoh06.jpg:Opah Cu’s living room:center:0]]Picking up little paper stars… Lots of colours! He goes nuts over them.

[[image:ipoh07.jpg:Irfan playing with everyone:center:0]]Cik Ja, Pak Cu and Opah Cu with Irfan, his attention still on the little stars.

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