Irfan Goes To School – After A Fashion

Irfan is now registered as a Standard 1 student at Sekolah Kebangsaan Pandan Indah. He is in fact the 32nd student to be registered at the school for the 2009 intake.

There were a few observations that we made about the school when we registered him there today.

The school staff seem to prefer Waja as their vehicle of choice. Note to self: Find out why their preference seem to be similar. Is it because of something sinister like a Nyarlathotep cult-like thing that permeates the school? Or is Proton trying very hard to market their cars to teachers?

School administration offices appear to look exactly the same anywhere in the country. Same old front desk counter, clerk tables, sofa for visitors and even the cluster of potted plants, which all looks eerily familiar for both Ain and I after twenty years. Apart from the flat screen computer monitors, I swear we were trapped in some sort of a time warp.

The name of the school right there

The name of the school right there

The red smudge on Irfan's cheek is his mother's lipstick

The red smudge on Irfan’s cheek is his mother’s lipstick

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